Wrestling Observer Flashback–11.16.87

(Scott here!  When this was written I was so tired that there was literally points where I was falling asleep while typing, so apologies in advance if there’s any weirdness in the grammar or sentence structure that I missed.)  

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– Ha ha, totally lied to you.

– Jim Crockett announced on the syndicated shows that Starrcade will be shown at the same time as Survivor Series, at least on closed circuit viewings.  So instead of competing with Thanksgiving dinner, now it’ll just have to worry about getting destroyed by the WWF.  It’ll be on a three hour delay because they were unable to change the start time of the live show due to commitments to the meager amount of PPV companies that were actually showing it.  Dave thinks the show SHOULD be the most successful ever for them, but they’re really dropping the ball on buildup and the buzz just isn’t there.

– Although Starrcade will be destroyed on PPV, previous Starrcades weren’t on PPV at all and they were all super-successful shows, so you can’t exactly pin this on the WWF completely.  As Dave notes, if they actually had a card that people to see, they’d see it, which history shows.  Not only that, but the gate alone on 86’s show was over $1 million, whereas they’re running an 8000 seat arena in Chicago this year, so they’re only making $200,000 maximum off that, and that’s also their own damn fault.

–  The SNME with the Megapowers angle drew a 9.7 rating and 30 share, which is pretty darn good.

– Andre the Giant will return for some house shows after Survivor Series, including a one-shot tag match in St. Louis with Andre & Rick  Rude v. Hogan & Paul Orndorff, and THAT is gonna draw.  So of course they’re only doing it once.

– Dave finally did see the Attack Squad’s win on the Hart Foundation, and he gives it **1/2.  The finish was weak, but the match was fine.

– To counteract the cutting of two shows a night during the week, the WWF is raising ticket prices $1 across the board.  (Only $1?  We’re so lucky!) 

– Dave describes a funny bit at a house show with Bam Bam v. Butch Reed on top, where Reed collides with Slick by accident and threatens to punch him out, so Slick pulls out a wad of cash and starts handing Reed bills, one after another, until he finally hits upon the dollar value to calm him down.

– To Stampede, where they’ve added a new Viet Cong Express #2, who hopefully won’t have his career ended prematurely like all the other ones (excepting Hiro Hase).  Dave is pretty sure this new one is Shinya Hashimoto.  (Not sure, but Shinya was Hashif Khan in Stampede.) 

– As a part of the stupid angle where Corporal Kirschner is accusing Makhan Singh of being a draft dodger, Kirschner is claiming that Singh’s real name isn’t even Mike Shaw because he changed it when he left the US.  Apparently his name is actually Shawn Michaels!

– Negotiations for Jerry Jarrett to buy the AWA have fallen through.

– In Memphis, where the mysterious Dr. D unmasked and is now going by Corporal Anderson.  In reality it’s Carl Styles, he of the angle with the glass eye getting pulled out and rolling around on the mat.

– No news from World Class, which Dave supposes means that it’s good news!

– Apparently the new Humongous running around Central States with Downtown Bruno as a manager is actually some guy named Sid Eudy.

– To Japan, where Riki Choshu didn’t actually boost ratings.  They’re actually close to losing to the women’s wrestling show.

– John Tenta just isn’t catching on to this wrestling thing, which is a major problem for someone pushed as hard as he is in Japan right now.

– Japanese newspapers are reporting that the Crockett Cup will be in Japan next year.  (They say a lot of stuff.) 

– To ICW again, where Bob Backlund is still teasing a return to wrestling.  The group is holding a (fake) tournament for their World title, and check out these howlers in the “first round”:  The Mad Russian beat Jimmy Snuka in Honolulu (Dave’s tip: It’s easy to get someone to do a job when you’re just making up the match results) and Iron Sheik “destroying” Bruiser Brody in Toronto.  Dave is pretty sure Sheik is getting that belt to set up the feud with Backlund.

– Dave would like to refrain from negativity towards Crockett for at least a week or two, but they just keep f------ up.

– Back to World Class, where Fritz is desperately taking out billboards to promote Kerry’s return on Thanksiving.

– The Attack Squad title change was aired on Superstars for sweeps week, so Dave wonders why a TV-based company like Crockett doesn’t follow suit.  (Hashtag “because WCW”)

– The WWF actually got TV stations to buy The Slammies, and they’ll be airing on 12/19.

– Hasbro cut Slaughter from his toy deal, so now he wants back into the WWF.

– Sika was fired this week for reasons unknown.

– And finally, Eddie Gilbert still has a contract to be booker of the UWF, but there is no UWF, so he’ll end up booking Crockett’s show instead.

Slow news week, I’m afraid.