RF Video Shoot Interview with Swoggle

This was filmed in 2016

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs at two hours and seven minutes long


The first question is actually about Swoggle’s love of shoot interviews. Swoggle said the first he saw was either Kevin Nash’s solo shoot or his interview with Hall as he watched that on the road with Kofi Kingston and after that he was hooked. Swoggle said that Nash is his favorite with Cornette his second. Swoggle said he loves when Cornette goes mental at the mention of Vince Russo but also talks about how Cornette hates his favorite style of wrestling.


Growing up, Swoggle said that wrestling was all he cared about as a kid. Even today, his own son is obsessed with wrestling. His first memory was of Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI. Warrior was his favorite as a kid and he hated Hulk Hogan. His other favorites were Doink the Clown because it was a great character and 1-2-3 Kid because he could do cool moves.


Swoggle talks about not being upset with the term “midget” because as a wrestler, you cannot put “little person” on the flier and expect it to sell.


He talks about having scoliosis as a kid and needed surgery so the doctor told him he would be unable to play contact sports as he almost ended up paralyzed due to surgery. Swoggle said he was rarely bullied while at school. He also talks about how he would hang out with his friends and tape themselves wrestling in their bedrooms and backyard.


When asked about Ken Anderson, Swoggle said that Anderson trained him. Swoggle said he had the look and charisma and could work too. He puts him over as a great guy but that he beat the shit out of them during their training.


After training, he did some Indy wrestling on the side but never thought it would be his career as he was working at Target. He was only doing it for over a year until he got signed by the WWE.


Swoggle is asked about how he got hired. Anderson called him and said they needed an extra. Howard Finkel then called and told him he was needed at RAW in Milwaukee for a backstage segment with Goldust, Snitsky, and Candice Michelle. When he got there, Paul London asked him if he was here to train with Fit as they were auditioning midget wrestlers for Fit Finlay’s sidekick. After the taping, he went to Tony Garea, who was in charge of the extras, and said that he was supposed to show up tomorrow for training and he went to Green Bay the next night. Swoggle waited until Fit was ready and he had to do an Irish accent but Swoggle said he bombed and left pissed off. He went on and a week later, Anderson called him up and said that Tommy Dreamer would be calling soon. Swoggle said he got a bunch of missed calls from blocked numbers and that he figured was from collection agencies. He listens to the voicemail and Dreamer left a number for him to call and Swoggle called up and was offered a one-year deal.


On working with Finlay, Swoggle said he was the best and also the smartest man in wrestling. He thanks him for his whole career and said that Finlay made sure the writers did not take advantage of him and always stood up for him too.


Swoggle said his debut was supposed to happen at Judgment Day but Vince made the decision to hold off until Smackdown because more people watch TV.


He spoke about how you cannot get comfortable in the WWE because when that happens, you stop getting better.


Swoggle talks about having fun on the road with Tommy Dreamer and how Dreamer created “Fuji-ing.” One day, Dreamer took a bunch of salt and threw it at Matt Striker’s face. From there, they started doing it but one day the person Dreamer got paid him back by spraying a fire extinguisher and it had to end. Swoggle said that Dreamer would do anything to “pop the boys.”


On the overseas tours, Swoggle talks about they had a 26-hour travel day once when the volcano went off in Iceland. They went mini-golfing and had a toga party on the bus to pass the time.


He is asked about working the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 23. Finlay told him he was going to take a bump. The first plan was for him to get powerbombed off of the ladder but it wasnt working out. Anderson then asked Swoggle if he could take his finish off of the ladder. They set it up as Finlay started to chuckle then Anderson hit the move onto the crash pad. They were asked if they could do it in a match so it happened. During the match, Finlay told Swoggle to take his time as Swoggle himself said he typically rushed things. He took the bump and Swoggle said it was in the hard part of the ring, the corner, and that he did not feel a thing. Swoggle believes Anderson over-rotated and took most of the impact to protect him.


Swoggle said one day, Jamie Noble came up to him and said he was going to win the Cruiserweight Title.


When asked about Chris Benoit, Swoggle said that he always got along with him. He also mentioned how Benoit loved the “Jackass” movies and tells a story of how Benoit and Ken Anderson called him up from the hotel before they were going to see one of the movies and told him he had to come to the gym and do squats. After Swoggle worked out, Benoit & Anderson started laughing as Swoggle realized he had been ribbed.


He tells another Benoit story. Finlay was working a program with Benoit so at a house show, Fit asked him if he could take a suplex. Benoit told Swoggle he would give him one and promised he would land flat. During, the match, Benoit hit one then asked Swoggle if he could take two more. Benoit hit two more but kept going as Swoggle said he could feel Benoit laughing and even see Finlay’s head shaking as he was laughing while looking over the ring apron as Benoit ended up giving him 11 German suplexes. Swoggle said he landed flat and never got hurt but his feet would land over his head. They get backstage as Swoggle asked Finlay why he didnt make the save as Finlay said he was sorry but could not stop laughing at the sight of a midget getting German suplexed.


Next, he is asked about being named Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. Swoggle said he found out at 10am that day. He said Bruce Prichard demanded his phone and when he took it, Prichard revealed that he would be Vince’s son. Swoggle said they took his phone so he would not “stooge off” and the only people that knew of this beside them were Vince, Triple H, and Kevin Dunn. Swoggle said he got tickets for his dad as the show was in his hometown.


Swoggle talks about the typical day at a TV Taping. He said you show up and report to talent relations for your weekly schedule then wait anywhere from 1-5 for the production meeting to end and after that any pre-taped footage would start.


He is asked about some of the guys he worked with. Swoggle said the Great Khali was a nice guy but also a diva and guys hated working for him because he never wanted to bump. He had fun working with Chavo Guerrero and talks about getting to be involved with the guest host every week. Swoggle calls the Undertaker a great guy and tells a story. They were overseas and he was under the ring for a six-man tag with Taker, Kane, Batista, Khali, Big Daddy V and Finlay. Swoggle was supposed to come out for a spot where he would roll inside while Taker was down but Taker would rise up and chokeslam him. However, Swoggle was face down underneath the ring then Finlay went outside to yell at Swoggle, who woke up and did the spot. Swoggle said he kept telling Taker he was sorry as it happened and backstage, they could not believe that he fell asleep with all of that weight in the ring. Swoggle said that he would have to sit under the ring before the doors opened at times and it would be hours before his spot. Swoggle said that he would play a PSP or fuck with Tony Chimel by tossing the Boogeyman’s worms under the ring or pull the mic cord underneath the ring during the match until right before the finish. Swoggle said that after all of these years, he had never had to piss while under the ring. The only time he was scared was during No Way Out 2007 when there was an Inferno Match between MVP and Kane as he almost passed out due to all of the propane.


On working against Vince in a cage match on RAW, Swoggle said the writers created the match. Vince told him he was going to get hurt but for all of the right reasons. Swoggle said that Vince whipped him hard and JBL booted him really hard too but said both immediately came up to him backstage to see if he was okay and that he did a great job.


After being drafted to ECW, he was moved over to RAW without Finlay. Swoggle said the original idea was for him to manage Sheamus but that never happened and the company had nothing else for him.


On becoming the D-X mascot, Swoggle said he was rehearsing something with Chavo and Chris Masters when he was told by a writer that he would be with D-X that night. Swoggle said that he found out it was Triple H’s idea as he saw that kids loved Swoggle. He said he got great merchandise checks at this point, the best of his career.


Regarding Little People’s Court, Swoggle said that Verne Troyer was supposed to be the judge but refused to work with other little people. When asked, Swoggle said he was never offended by that comedy or even gave a fuck.


in 2010 he was moved back to Smackdown. Swoggle said he did one backstage segment and after that was off TV for a while. He also was the coach for Titus O’Neill in NXT and while getting along with him outside of the ring, Swoggle said that he has all the tools but has not been able to get past a certain level. He also loved working with AJ Lee then but said as she became more popular, she also grew more frustrated and became difficult to work with. He was surprised that she left because of her passion for wrestling.


He talks about how he got to work against El Torito. Swoggle had been pitching it for a while but he was told it was “too easy” and they did not put him in there. One day, Heath Slater was on tour and he was told to go out with 3MB and face El Torito. Swoggle said a lot of the guys wanted him to fail but Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, and Dolph Ziggler stuck up for him and said that he can do this while others thought he would get blown up and do a terrible job. He said Kofi and Dolph were on the barrier watching the match and smiling as they congratulated him afterwards. Swoggle said Dolph is a great guy and one of his best friends.


Regarding 3MB, Swoggle said they all liked to party so he fit in with them. He was surprised they cut Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre when they did as they were in the midst of a feud. Swoggle said that Slater has stuck around for this long as he is a solid hand willing to do anything.


On his Wee-LC match against El Torito, Swoggle said that he worked with him before that and the match stunk as he blamed himself. Vince came up to them backstage and asked where was the comedy as no one wants to see two midgets beat each other up. He then talks about the Wee LC match and how they got a standing ovation backstage. Swoggle said it was one of the best moments of his career.


He hated dressing up in a gator costume as part of the Slater Gator gimmick and was thankful it ended.


Swoggle is asked about CM Punk. He said that the “Summer of Punk” stuff was some of the most compelling TV in years and he was selling a ton of t-shirts but also said he complained about having to put over The Rock as Swoggle said who cares as wins and losses are fake and you are working with one of the top starts of all-time. Swoggle says Punk is an incredibly hard person to get along with and if you cross him once he will never speak to you again.


When asked about the changes in pay structure when the WWE Network was launched, Swoggle said he was arely on the road at that time and you can complain about it but its not going to change their opinion because they are making a ton of money.


On the future of the WWE under Triple H and Stephanie, Swoggle thinks it will be better as they are willing to branch out as he calls Stephanie a “straight shooter.”


Regarding the creative team, Swoggle put over Michael Hayes as a straight shooter but said at times the writers would only care about their own ideas. He was made up as the “New Years Baby” because they ribbed him for gaining weight and stuck him in a diaper.


Swoggle is asked about John Cena, someone he is close with. Swoggle said that Cena was the first to call him up when his son was born and saved his job a few times as he puts over for being a great guy. He said that Cena is one of the boys but will distance himself when things get to crazy as he has an image to maintain. Swoggle said that Cena is definitely not someone you would consider as an “office person.” He tells a story of how he was told they would be in the ring alone together at the 2011 Royal Rumble and Cena told him it was his moment and to plan everything out.


Now, he is asked about the Leprechaun movie. It was originally pitched to him in 2011 but did not start it until two years later. Swoggle said he had fun and it took about 15 days to film. He also said he had no lines then said he never even seen any of the prior Leprechaun films as he does not like horror movies in general. He then said WWE Studios barely featured in the film and that he was not even mentioned on TV when the movie was out and that was the only time he felt like quitting as there was zero mention of him in the trailer and he had not been on TV in over a year.


Swoggle is asked about his WWE Wellness Policy Violation. He said its simple as he was unable to produce a sample in the time period allowed, because he was “pee shy” at that time, which he said is a violation. Swoggle claims its the strictest policy in sports and entertainment. Swoggle said he was pissed in how the company released his violation the way they did and he was unable to make a statement. Swoggle said he never used a drug in his life and it came off that he was a drug user. At that point, he had been home for about a year. Swoggle said he heard the rumor going around the locker room afterwards was that he was suspended for using cocaine but that his friends knew the truth and that is all that matters.


When asked if he was still pitching ideas while at home, Swoggle said he gave up at that point because you can only waste so much air. Swoggle said he got a text from a friend that there were rumors swirling he was going to be part of several guys released. He woke up and put his son on the school bus and shortly after that he got the call about being released. They told him it was not about the Wellness Policy violation. When asked if he was relieved to get released, like Damien Sandow told “Rolling Stone” after he was cut, Swoggle said no because he was getting paid for a year and a half to sit home with his kid and why would you be happy losing your career.


He is now asked about more names. Swoggle said Umaga was the best big-man in recent memory and was a great guy. He calls Matt Striker a “weirdo” but a nice guy. He loves the Miz but said that he is always in “Miz mode.” He said that Zack Ryder got his legs chopped out from underneath him way too many times and how he was the reason the WWE started their YouTube channel. Swoggle also likes Matt Hardy but said he was a bit “spacy.” Swoggle liked Carlito but said that he got bitter at the end as his star fell. Swoggle said that Big Show is happy when used “correctly” and that it was dumb for Cody Rhodes to leave the WWE because no matter how mad you are, just take that money. He calls Randy Orton a “family man” ever since his daughter was born and sometimes while on tour when he started to get mad, Cena would tell him we do not need the old Randy back and they’d laugh. Swoggle talks about Batista. He said at a house show his backpack that contained a laptop, PSP, and a lot of stuff got stolen while he was in the ring. At the time, he was about a year into the company. The next day on the locker room table there was a note addressed to Swoggle and a new bag with brand new merchandise similar to what got stolen as it turns out Batista went around the locker room and collected donations from all of the boys and that he put in about $500 himself. On Bob Holly, Swoggle said he got too drunk at a TGI Fridays at his first WrestleMania and that Holly took care of him and brought him back to his room.


Today, Swoggle said that he wants to work with Kikutaro and Grado.


On teaming with Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins), Swoggle said they found out the night before an Indy show while sitting at the bar.


Swoggle said the best part about the Indy scene is the fact you can make your own schedule but the worst part is that you have to hustle yourself. However, he always keeps the fact that you have to provide for your family in the back of your mind.


His favorite guys to travel with were Kofi Kingston and Curt Hawkins as they referred to himself as “Two and a Half Men.” Swoggle said that Kofi’s and his own son are best friends and have only met through facetime. Swoggle said that Kofi is the nicest guy in wrestling.


He talks about how he is writing a book called “Life’s Short and so am I” then thanks his fans for their support.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I thought this was a solid interview. Swoggle seems like a decent guy and very thankful he even had a WWE career. He did not have an agenda or anything and gave some insight into the WWE’s locker room during his run but since he was not on the road his final two years, we did not get much as to the vibe of today’s WWE environment.

I’d recommend this interview. Its better than his YouShoot (due to the fact the awful fan-submitted questions were not present here) and its an easy listen.

You can purchase the interview here for $2o on DVD.