Rioting Crowds

I just finished Gary Hart’s book, and he has yet another of many stories I’ve heard about how the heels barely got out alive. I’m becoming skeptical though, because as many times as I’ve heard that kind of story, I can’t think of any stories where a mob did get to the wrestlers. Are there any stories you can recall?

​Yeah, Dave had a story about a wrestler named Ron Wright who died recently. He was a mega-heel on a regional basis but he didn’t want to travel because he had a lucrative job working in some sort of factory, so he bought a plane and had a pilot’s license. He’d just do his day job for 8 hours, then fly himself to whatever small town he was working and then back home for the next day’s work. Anyway, he was a despised heel, and one day someone in one of the towns actually discovered his private plane, gathered a posse, and burned the plane down after the show.

That’s the only one off the top of my head.​