NJPW vs “50/50 Booking”


I was hoping that you would comment on how the WWE is mired in the muck of 50/50 booking where almost nobody gets over, while NJPW proves in the G1 Climax that a star like Okada or Tanahashi can do a clean job in a well booked match to someone lower on the card and still look strong. It also adds a bit of realism that a certain lower card guy may match up well to a bigger star if his strength is a weakness of the top guy.

The biggest problem may be that the WWE hasn’t plausibly established nearly anyone as a top guy to start, but New Japan does a much better job of making their midcard guys look like credible threats and potential future champions than the WWE does with keeping the majority of the roster under the glass ceiling. Thoughts?

​Yeah, but look at what happened when they built up Styles and Nakamura as their two biggest stars! And now WWE is pretty openly wanting to poach Kenny Omega as well. Also, New Japan has a pretty rigid system of who’s a top guy and who’s a midcarder as well. Under the WWE system right now, a goof like Ziggler can get a title shot on PPV because it doesn’t really matter who’s on top when the people have already paid their $9.99/month. So both sides have their advantages.​