Monday Night Raw, And Smackdown Too!

Greetings, and felicitations.

Do you think that Vince (or USA) would ever go for the idea of rotating the three hour Monday Night wrestling slot weekly between Raw and Smackdown? I had the thought today, and in my mind at least, it doesn’t sound so crazy. It would allow the writers more time to develop stories, and would allow more rest for the wrestlers. And if USA still wants to fill two hours on Tuesday Night with more WWE product, they could try a modern version of Tuesday Night Titans (or Prime Time Wrestling). They already have Talking Smack on the Network after Smackdown, why not have something like "Raw Smack Talk". Have a panel show that discusses the weekly going on in the company, show jobber squash matches from the house show circuits, and random comedy segments. Do you think that that type of show would draw more viewers than two more hours of "Raw-Lite"? Even if it didn’t, the production costs would surely be far less for a wrestling "variety" show than it would be for two extra hours of live programming.

Thanks, as always. Also, do you get CBS all access in Canada? Wondering what your thoughts are on the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Anything in particular that you would like to see on the show?

​No, ironically there is no access to All Access up here. Star Trek will be airing on the shitty Canadian version of Netflix called Crave TV instead. Frankly I’m more annoyed at missing the fall season of Big Brother that’s only on All Access.

As for the first idea, there was a reason that Prime Time stopped drawing ratings and they replaced it with RAW. The business has changed, and the show you’re describing would probably be cancelled after 2 episodes at best. ​