If Cena Wins, WE RIOT!!!

Was wondering if these signs were planted? Two times I remember these signs being up were One Night Stand vs RVD and Money In The Bank vs CM Punk were Cena HAD to lose. Were these signs planted by Vince to add some kind of ‘aura’ to the matches, or were they legit signs brought by fans which may have caused Vince to call an audible to prevent a WWE version of ‘The Malice at The Palace?" If so, can your legion of doom work something out and get a "If Ziggler Loses, WE RIOT" sign and make Vinny Mac call an audible at Summer Slam???

People still care about Dolph Ziggler?!

Also, just to be clear here, your assertion is that Vince is planting signs in the crowd, but planting ones which are supposed to make people hate his #1 babyface?

Must be a Wednesday. I can never get the hang of Wednesdays.