WCW Ratings in Early 90’s

Hey Scott. Hope all is well.

Prior to the Monday Night Wars, what were WCW’s ratings for shows like Saturday Night, the Main Event, and WCW Pro? I’m sure they didn’t set the world on fire as business was really down at that point, but was just curious since Nitro/Raw have been talked about to death. Did these numbers change at all when they signed Hogan (even though he wasn’t really ever on these shows)?

Thank you!

​Ratings were strong for most of their shows, but of course PPV and house shows were in the toilet compared to WWE. Hulk definitely did not boost ratings right away, however, which is why his babyface act was becoming such a concern by 96. In fact, one of the running threads in 94 Observers is concern over how sharply WCW Saturday Night ratings were DROPPING over the summer after they brought Hulk in, because they stabilized again in the fall. Typically from 91 onwards, WCW Saturday Night was hovering around 2.0 ratings, or roughly equivalent to what RAW does these days in terms of audience, and the B-shows did about 1.5s. ​So they didn’t set the world on fire, but TBS was typically happy with the numbers that they were doing.