Last match at SummerSlam?

What match goes on last? The Lesnar and Cena matches have the biggest stars, but neither is a title match or has been promoted like a main event. Lesnar/Orton is close but Lesnar failed a drug test and no one cares about Orton.

Of the two title matches, the brand-new Universal Title already seems like a much bigger deal than Ambrose’s World Title, since Ambrose is defending against a jobber. But would they really have the guts to run Rollins/Finn on top???

It’s fascinating that they will go into the 2nd biggest show of the year without a true Main Event.

​It’s a very strong show on paper, though, and having four matches that could legit end the show is a good sign. I think the Universal title is going to end the show because you need to make your main title into the biggest deal possible out of the gate. But Orton/Lesnar should be great, Cena/Styles should be great, Rollins/Balor should be amazing, and if Ziggler is motivated to hang with Ambrose that’ll be great as well. Even Reigns/Rusev looks promising and we know Charlotte/Sasha will be great, so that’s six matches down the card and all home runs on paper.

That being said, f--- these 5 hour shows, I have a cat. I’m sticking with NXT this month. ​