Wrestling and nascar

Hey Scott,

Back in the 90s, while watching wcw Saturday night (and when is THAT going to the network), I remember the weekly updates regarding WCW motor sports. If I remember correctly, even the now had a car with Kyle petty as the driver.

Wrestling and NASCAR would seem to have a common audience (or for accurately the wcw, Georgia wrestling, and Florida wrestling territories), and I find it hard to believe Vince has never tried a little synergy by cross promotion nascar (assigned from hiring veteran driver Thurman "Sparky" Plugg as a wrestler…whatever happened to him).

I figure it’s for the following:
1) nascar is a sport while wwe isn’t, and wwe doesn’t want to be associated with a sport (unless it s a specific well know personality like Floyd Money Mayweather or Rhonda Rousey)

2) nascar is indicative of the southern wrestling culture which Vince wishes he could erase…particularly the audience that followed wcw but quit when Vince bought them out

3) Vince wants legitimate sponsorships but doesn’t want to be associated with companies that sponsor stock cars? I find it hard to believe Vince wouldn’t mind plastering his wrestlers with logos if it meant sponsorship money…

Just wanted to ask your opinion on the history of wrestling and nascar (or if any notable events ever occurred with the two).

Now fast forward

​I think this might be my first NASCAR question ever.

Bob Holly said in his book that Vince bought his racing-mobile for him but had no interest in participating otherwise, so I’m thinking that it’s just one of the million things outside of the WWE where it’s just not on his radar at all. ​