Why did WM stay so small?

Maybe you’ve discussed this before but I’m really into the Observer reviews and I legit don’t understand something:

Wrestlemania 3 does a kayfabe 93,000 people, Hogan is going strong, the Mega Powers are just getting started and Dave is hearing rumors of the Superdome for WM 4… So why Trump Palace in AC two years in a row??? He did Skydome, LA, and even the Hoosier-dome for 6-8, and then business dried for a while and we got smaller venues for about a decade. But in 87-88 it seemed they could’ve rocked the dome, so why AC?

​Because Trump paid them a SHITLOAD of money to run Trump Plaza, which basically eliminated the risk of not selling out because it was pretty much a paid show. That way they just had to worry about making money on PPV and merch at the show.

That being said, WM4 still bombed, so they probably should have went to the Superdome. ​