Mid-South Wrestling – February 18th, 1982

February 18, 1982

Boyd Pierce is your host

This week, the Junkyard Dog will defend the Louisiana Hevyweight Title against Bob Roop. Plus, Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Blair and more!


As Pierce runs down the show, Akbar is at the desk and blames Ernie Ladd for why the Iron Sheik is no longer in Mid-South. We then see the clip from last week where the Samoans turned on Ladd and aligned with Akbar. After that we also saw from last week’ show were the Samoans defeated the Junkyard Dog & Mike George for the Tag Team Titles. Akbar then tells us we will be hearing a lot from himself and his army. Akbar leaves after this as Pierce does the show by himself on commentary.


Wild Samoans w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Rick Ferrara & Bill Ash

Ash manages a dropkick on Afa but gets tossed after a lifting choke. Sika tags as the Samoans hit a double elbow smash. The Samoans beat on Ash until Afa misses a charge and Ferrara makes the tag. Ferrara tries to use his speed but Afa catches him with a Samoan Drop for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: A quick win to put over the champs. They also mentioned how they took both Mike George and Ernie Ladd out of action as I’m sure we will see them both attempt to get revenge.


Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Blair

These two start by jockeying for position over a lockup. After that they take it to the mat where Orndorff takes control and works the arm. Blair floats over and gets a nearfall off of a reverse rollup as they are now in a stalemate. Blair works a side headlock for a bit on the mat then Orndorff blocks a sunset flip for a two count as they are in another stalemate. These two end up in the ropes after some matwork then Orndorff takes control after that. Blair gets two with a sunset flip then they go back-and-forth, eventually spilling out to the floor. Orndorff is up first and heads inside where he rolls Blair inside and gets on the top rope and drives his knee into his chest for the win (6:26) **1/4.

Thoughts: Solid TV match here to put over Orndorff. I loved watching Orndorff here with his aggressive style of wrestling. He definitely brought the goods in his Mid-South run.


Louisiana Heavyweight Title Match: Bob Roop vs. Junkyard Dog (c)

JYD starts off with a slam as Roop then looks up to him from his knees. JYD breaks a full nelson then Roop applies the hold again and takes JYD to the corner and uses a few turnbuckle smashes while maintaining the hold. JYD breaks it up with a hiptoss then blocks an Irish whip in the corner and catches Roop with a punch to the gut for a two count then Roop rolls out for a breather. Roop catches JYD with a high knee but JYD comes right back with a slam. They slug it out until Roop ducks out on the apron and pokes JYD in the eyes. However, JYD decks him as Roop is now tangled in the ropes as a second referee comes out to untie him as we head to break. After the commercials, we return with Pierce at his desk telling us we will see what took place after the break. Roop is on the floor holding his foot then Paul Orndorff come out to check on him. Roop re-enters and just beats the ten count but JYD fires away. Roop puts JYD in a full nelson and holds him up for Orndorff, who accidentally decks Roop. JYD knocks Orndorff off the apron then hits Roop with a powerslam. Orndorff heads up top but JYD picks him up and slams him on top of Roop. Bob Orton then runs out and heads up top but JYD picks him up and tosses him over the top rope onto Orndorff. JYD then turns around and decks Roop with a forearm smash for the win (6:07) *1/2.

Thoughts: The match was fine for what it was and it really put over JYD for taking out three guys here at the end. It also set up for the heels to payback JYD for what he did here.


Ed Wiskowski & Bob Orton vs. Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympia

Match starts with Olympia & DiBiase working over the arm of Orton as they use frequent quick tags. Wiskowski finally tags into the match and DiBiase works his arm. Orton is back and floats over in the corner as DiBiase was waiting for him but he turns around and catches DiBiase with a knee lift. The heels work over DiBiase and distract the referee in the process as Olympia has had enough. The match breaks down as Olympia has Wiskowski in a sleeper while the ref is tied up with Orton and DiBiase, who sends Orton to the floor then covers a passed out Wiskowski for the win (4:48) **.

Thoughts: Good match for the time they had as it was all action. They’ve been pushing Mr. Olympia a lot since his return and while he looks good in the ring, he does not seem to be all that over with the fans.


Ron Cheatham vs. Frank Monte

These two start by fighting over a lockup as Pierce lets us know that Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes will be here next week. Monte works the arm for a bit but Cheatham fight back and uses a front facelock. Monte comes back with a reverse rollup and gets a couple of other nearfalls but the bell rings as the show is over (3:14).

Thoughts: Just your basic, time-filling standby match to close out the show as the announcer hypes up next week’s card.


Final Thoughts:Overall, this was a decent show. While not as memorable as the past few weeks, they’ve set up all sorts of potential storylines here and we got another title match on TV too. This promotion has been putting out a quality product for weeks and its been a blast to watch.


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