Lawler in WWF or Crockett/WCW

In reading the old Observer recaps, I couldn’t help but notice that Jerry Lawler’s name hasn’t come up once in connection with WWF or Crockett/WCW. With the exception of Bruiser Brody, he seems like the biggest name from that erea that didn’t get a run in the big two. It seems like he would have been a perfect stop-gap challenger for Flair or Hogan during this period given his strong mic work and residual national name recognition from the Kaufman angle. Were WWF and Crockett simply not interested due to his look and regional appeal, or was Lawler just more content being a big shoulder-strapped fish in a small Memphis pond?

​Weird, I just brought this up earlier this morning and didn’t even see this one in the Inbox. Anyway, I think the problem is that Lawler didn’t want to go national because he had a good gig in Memphis, but if he had the desire (like his AWA title reign) I would have personally gone all the way with him in the NWA and made him champion. Can you IMAGINE the promo battles between him and Flair? Plus he could turn heel as the King and feud with Dusty Rhodes as common man. Jesus, even washed up 1993 Lawler got an awesome feud out of Bret Hart, imagine what near-prime Lawler would have done with Dusty’s crew! But yeah, Lawler wanted to hang around home and run the Mid-South Coliseum every Monday, and I think it was really financial necessity in 88 that made him leave the nest and do the touring champion deal for Verne. ​