Randy Orton; Best worker to never have a great match?

Hey Scott,

Trying to think of a truly great match Randy Orton’s had in the last 13 years since he first co-main evented Summer Slam, and I can’t think of any. The guy seems to be capable of greatness and I understand he’s very safe in the ring, but has he ever had a great match?

He seems to be always putting out 2 1/2-3 1/4 star matches with the occasional match going higher, but never reaching GREAT, like 4 1/2 star MOTYC level.

Isn’t that odd considering how long he’s been at the top?

I get some guys like Batista and Hogan who are big stars but not great workers don’t have a lot of MOTYC contenders, but Orton seems like a guy who can work and bump. So what gives?

Has there ever been a great worker like him who never had a really great match, especially after such a long run at the top.

​He had some really great matches with Cena, but then we all got sick of them and I think it kind of retroactively hurt the quality. I do have to say, I’m also blanking on a really great and memorable match that he’s had. I know Meltzer loved the Rollins matches after Seth won the title, but I literally ​was falling asleep watching them at times. He does have a long list of matches that SHOULD have been classics and fell short, like the HHH series in 09 when he was at his hottest point. If you want to include tag matches, the Shield v. Evolution stuff was some really good s---. And back in ’04 there was a really impressive run of great matches, with Foley at Backlash and then the Edge match that pretty much turned him babyface and then whatever he did at Summerslam that year, which might have been pretty good but I can’t remember who it was, almost as though my brain has been scrubbed clean of it.