Braun Strowman


The diving headbutt move seems to be a major contributor to ending the careers of Dynamite Kid, Benoit and Daniel Brian, and clearly is something that is extremely hard on the necks of the wrestlers who use it. Which makes me wonder, isn’t Braun Strowman’s finisher (the "Reverse Chokeslam") essentially the same thing?

I mean, I know Braun has everything the WWE really looks for in a wrestler (he’s big, slow, dull, can’t talk and has a limited move set. Did I mention he’s big?), but aren’t they basically letting this dude shorten the careers of everyone he’s in the ring with?

​Well it feels like 6 hours every time he wrestles, so I guess in a way he’s lengthening their careers. Really though, the diving headbutt was something those guys would do night after night for years on end. Taking it occasionally from Dark Hillbilly Jim isn’t really something I’d worry about.​