And Let Me Share My Thoughts on JFK and The Moon Landing…

Hey Scott–

Follow me here; Kevin Nash and Scott Hall jump to WCW. Hogan turns and the nWo becomes the "it" act in wrestling. Then, creative turmoil, burnout, and lazy top stars accelerate the company’s destruction. Secretly, wrestlers whisper that Vince must have sent Hall and Nash to destroy WCW from within.

Donald Trump jumps into the presidential race. He puts on a dumbass hat, and his candidacy becomes the "it" act in politics. Then, due to Donald opening his mouth and saying stuff, he accelerates his party’s destruction. Secretly, Joe Scarborough whispers that the Clintons must have sent Trump to destroy the Republicans from within.

Donald Trump is the third man. nWgOp 4 life.

​Look, much like the nWo, this Trump thing was hilariously entertaining for a few months, but the Presidential election storyline has been dragging on for more than a YEAR now. Can’t you guys just pretend to vote and let the rich white old men in the Illumintati pick a damn leader already and get it over with? I grow weary of all this stuff clogging up my Facebook and pushing the cat memes and time lapse recipe videos further down my news feed! ​

​Sincerely, the rest of the f------ world.​