New Day Loses?

Hey Scott,

I have a question about the New Day, namely, their W/L record. They are portrayed as huge stars, the only force in the tag-division that matters. They’re in segments to shore up ratings (even if it doesn’t always work), they sell a s----ton of merch, they seem to have legitimate pop cultural cachet in terms of being relevant in their references and of course being the first African-American act in a long time to be more than dancing clowns (or rather…they’re the right sort of dancing clown). So, you have these mega-over babyfaces that are drawing money for the company, getting good press, UpUpDownDown is a WWE-approved inroad on external media (which Vince loves), and they still lose basically all of their big matches.

So, my question is what the f--- is going on? Sure they’ve kept their titles forever, but it seems the more promoted and important the match is, the less likely it is that it’ll be that they win. Putting the League of Nations over them was ridiculous given they broke up like a month later. And then putting the Wyatts over them after the Wyatts had already broken up due to the draft is just baffling. So what’s the deal? Does Vince not see them as top babyfaces and thus unworthy of the top babyface push? Does Vince just not care about tag-teams? Are they so over that it doesn’t matter if they lose? Or is it because they’re black?

I’m legitimately confused by their booking, any insight would be appreciated,

​Wait, New Day is black?​