Hulk Hogan in 1993

Hey Scott, what happens when you find a stranger in the alps? You get a Hogan e-mail, that’s what!

So Hogan returns in 1993 to help Brutus Beefcake against Money Inc with the big blowoff at Mania. Give the MegaManiacs the tag titles, right? Nope. Hogan pulls the creative control card and gets his title. This leads to a few questions.

1. How much heat did this put on him with other guys, specifically Bret Hart or even Vince himself?

2. He doesn’t even appear on television between WrestleMania and King of the Ring to promote the rematch with Yokozuna. He cut a promo or two on TV from the set of Thunder In Paradise, but that was it. Was this also a Hogan move, or did Vince intentionally keep him off TV? What the hell was going on during this time?

Finally, I would like to work in a "Blue Jays suck" quote into this piece.

​I’m not a fan of moving Sanchez back into the bullpen, that’s for sure, but they definitely do not suck.

1. I don’t think people liked it, but they probably remembered the old Hogan money and didn’t object too much.

2. He had a lot of Japan dates and basically couldn’t just break them because the title switch was such a last minute deal. That one was actually not his fault. ​