WCW Wednesday: Part XXXIV – the Birthday Cake Edition!

In celebration of my birthday, I thought I’d write about a birthday cake angle from Jim Crockett Promotions prior to Ted Turner’s buyout.

During the spring of 1988, Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express feuded with the Fantastics. Between them, they performed spectacular matches such as their encounter at the initial Clash of Champions. On April 26, during an episode of NWA Worldwide, the Fantastics defeated the Midnight Express to win the US tag team titles.

Considering the blood loss by Fulton, Cornette protested the decision to NWA President Jim Crockett and would learn the fate of that decision during an episode of World Championship Wrestling. Although the angle had been previously performed in Mid-South, words simply cannot describe the hilarity of it. While not mentioned in the video, the Midnight Express were celebrating their one-year anniversary as US tag team champions pending a reverse decision; hence, cake, party favors, and refreshments were involved.

Take a look and enjoy!

So where did it lead:  For those who haven’t read my Great American Bash ’88 reflection, the Midnight Express, despite Cornette being both harnessed in a straitjacket and lifted high above the ring within a shark cage, defeated the Fantastics to regain the titles.

Subsequently, the Midnight Express sought the NWA World tag team titles held by members of the Four Horsemen—the “Enforcer” Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Due to contract issues, those Horsemen quit the NWA and lost the titles to the Midnight Express on September 10 in Philadelphia, PA. I should reflect upon this match for a future article.

What do you think of the feud between the Fantastics and Midnight Express in 1988?

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