The War to settle…..Nothing!

Okay……I just HAVE to get your take on this. Not sure if you have been following, but the whole Russo v. Cornette saga has reached ridiculous proportions the last month or so (see the 3 links below).

Russo’s Challenge

Cornette’s response

Russo’s response to Cornette’s response: Game Over

Obviously, the wrestling business moved on from both of these men for the most part years ago, though each one had a contribution during their time and conceivably could if they were given the opportunity (hint: HIGHLY unlikely….and this doesn’t help), but that appears to be over. This feud, of two obnoxious middle aged men behaving like schoolyard bullies seemingly will never end
I’ve gotta ask (and I’d be curious to see what the bloggers think):
a) Who do you think history will view as the most successful booker out of the two?
b) Are you Team Russo or Team Cornette (On a personal note, I’d say neither, but if I had to pick one, it would have been Cornette…..until 2 weeks ago when Russo called him out and he responded with another blowhard threat)
c) Really….would you pay $10 to see the aforementioned "debate" between the two?
d) In a shootfight, who wins?

​A) Cornette. Russo wasn’t the booker for the WWF, McMahon was. When given booking power in WCW, we saw what happened to him.

B) Team Cornette, obviously. He has his flaws, but don’t we all?

C) Doubtful.

D) Cornette. Especially if it’s in a Dairy Queen.​