Royal Rumble 2012

Hey Scott thanks for looking at my question. So rumbles are generally hit or miss and I know by many accounts this one was considered a miss. But this is what I’ve always been perplexed by. So at the end you had Sheamus and Jericho in the ring. And Sheamus wins and goes on to have a 18 second match for the world title. Jericho loses but starts a fued with punk anyway and gets a title shot. And they go on to have one of the better matches at Wrestlemania.

Jericho had never won the rumble was kind of a surprise entrant why not let Jericho win it give him a rumble win if they were planning on punk Vs Jericho anyway. Instead we got Sheamus and no one really cared and a got a match at wrestle mania that I didn’t even see live because I was taking a piss that made me miss an entire title match. Any way what was the point to all that booking? Sheamus could of gotten a fued with Bryan just as easy as they made it with punk and Jericho. Especially with chamber right around the corner.


​Vince really thought that Sheamus was the guy to push and wanted to get some steam on him as a top babyface with the Rumble win and 18 second title win. Didn’t work, but that was 100% the intention. ​Jericho was indeed the logical guy to win, but I’m guessing that the feeling was that they could re-heat him on his own.