The Opinion of Doom

Hey Scott,

Been a fan of your writing for a long while, and followed your opinions about a variety of guys. Over time, you have switched your thoughts on wrestlers (no criticism; it happens) from liking to hate of their work, and vice versa.

Was just curious if you had a timeframe of what it takes for you to change your opinion on someone. Is it usually one great (or crappy) performance that makes you see a wrestler in a different light? Or do you usually need to see an extended period of good/bad to change your mind?

On that note, who or whom would you say you’ve had the most dramatic opinion switch on, either for the positive or negative?

​I dunno, I’m pretty fickle in some instances, but usually I tend to like or hate the same guys for a long time before I change. Probably the Undertaker is the biggest case of opinion swing that people like to bring up, but that was a pretty miraculous reinvention of the character and worker. ​Sean Waltman was one where I was a huge fan of him as a worker until the Kane turn in 99 and he just fell off a cliff for me, as another example. But yes, usually I need a longer period of time and work to really adjust my feelings on someone.