Make Smackdown Great Again

Here’s my idea:

Build up Ziggler’s wrestling background in the weeks leading to SummerSlam. Have him tell Ambrose that he’s gonna stretch him and pin him like he did at Kent St where he broke their pin record. Have it booked as psycho Dean vs. Wrestler Dolph. At SummerSlam Ziggler out wrestles him but gets cocky and Dean counters into a cradle for a flash pin. Ziggler is visibly heartbroken but goes for the handshake and then BOOM, HEEL TURN. Total beat down ensues. Officials help Dean to the back
Smackdown Live: he calls out Dean offering an apology, then low blows him and beats him down. American Alpha run out to stop it, then turn and beat down Dean with Dolph. This sets up 6-man tags Dean/Usos vs. Dolph/AA leading to no DQ match at Backlash. There Dean fights off American Alpha, but a returning Shelton Benjamin runs in, Superkick, into a Zig Zag… New champion.

We have a heel stable of Ziggler, Shelton and American Alpha. Call them the American Wrestling Club or something and they run SD through the Fall. At Survivor Series they can do the AWC vs. Ambrose/Cena/Usos

Bonus: I’d have Dolph drop a pipe bomb promo saying WWE forced the worst name ever on him and he got it over, then he drops the name live on TV, and goes by Nick Nemeth.

​You lost me at "Pushing Dolph Ziggler as a top guy", frankly. ​