Lightning Round! (Unpatented Public Domain Version)

The one, the only, the un-patented, public domain LIGHTNING ROUND!

Figures that a lawyer would specify the public domain part. 

1. If you had to pick the best hypothetical power / technique tag team from a particular era, who would it be? (My pick – 1989 Steamboat / Luger)

We actually did get Rick Rude & Steve Austin in 92 for a bit, which was close to the ideal. 

2. What’s the best commentary duo / trio which didn’t involve Monsoon, Ross, Heenan or Ventura?

Michael Cole and Tazz before Vince started micromanaging them.

3. After all the (justified) criticism of people like Fritz Von Erich, who is a promoter that was actually both beloved and retired a wealthy and happy man?

A guy we’re just discussing now, Paul Boesch. 

4. If you inherited WCW in 1998, who would you pick (under your strict supervision) to book the federation for a year? Cornette, Russo or Bischoff?  (can’t say Kreski)

Bischoff never really booked, he was just a “big idea” guy.  So I’d say Cornette then.

5. Actual question – Has Hulk Hogan ever done something booking-related that prioritized a company or another wrestler above himself?

Put over Goldberg clean as a sheet, never got the job back. 

6. Best ever hair-metal power ballad? (IMO Estranged for the win)

“High Enough” by Damn Yankees.