Mid-South Wrestling – February 4th, 1982

February 4, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, the Junkyard Dog & Mike George vs. Wild Samoans for the Tag Team Titles and Mr. Olympia vs. Paul Orndorff


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Ken Woodby

Orton ground Woodby as Watts says Orton is making excuses as for why he lost the Mississippi Heavyweight Title to Mr. Olympia. Orton works the arm for a while as Watts passes the time by putting over tonight’s matches and the promotion in general. Orton stomps Woodby on the head then hits a backbreaker and follows with an inverted corner splash before hitting a piledriver for the win (3:46).

Thoughts: Orton looked good here as the story was that Orton is saying he lost the Mississippi Heavyweight Title because he did not take Mr. Olympia seriously, with Watts calling him out for making excuses.


Pierce is with Ernie Ladd, who is upset over being asked what kind of deal he has worked out with the Wild Samoans, stating the Samoans and himself are doing just fine for themselves as he is mad about the lucrative deal Dusty Rhodes has with Mid-South. Watts asks if Skandor Akbar is part of his entourage as he is in the ring with the Samoans. Ladd looks over and cannot believe what he sees as he interrupts the ring announcer. Akbar accuses Ladd of embarrassing the Samoans by costing them the Tag Titles and by getting pinned in the dream match. Akbar keeps calling Ladd a “big dummy” as he informs him about taking over the contract for the Samoans, who then jump Ladd as he went after Akbar. Ladd cleans house but the One Man Gang comes in and attacks Ladd from behind. The Samoans hold Ladd down as Gang comes off of the top and splashes Ladd on his legs as he is in tremendous pain on the mat. Huge story here as they went with the fact that Ladd was unable to provide a big money deal for the Samoans and that he cost them the titles so Akbar stepped in and worked out a deal with the Samoans. The angle was pulled off well, even if it did come off a bit contrived. Its funny to see Gang here as he wore a singlet and had long hair. Looks like a basic monster heel from the 1970’s.


After the break, Watts lets us know that Ladd was carried to the back by five men as he has no idea which locker room he went to as he talks about the attack. He then tells us the Tag Team Title match will not take place as scheduled.


Ron Cheatham vs. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase takes over early on as the announcers still talk about what just happened to Ladd. DiBiase hits a dropkick then a powerslam before applying the figure-four for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: Quick match to put over DiBiase while the announcer kept talking about the Samoans turning on Ladd.


Akbar then interrupts the announcers to tell us that what happened to Ladd was just business and demanding that the Samoans get a title match next. Pierce tells him he is the announcer and will have to see matchmaker Grizzly Smith if he wants them to get a match. What Pierce did is something that needs to come back today, which is having the announcers stand up for themselves and not be some pushover who is the butt of jokes.


Back from break, Watts lets us know that Grizzly Smith will grant Akbar’s request as the Tag Team Title match is back on and will happen next.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Wild Samoans w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Junkyard Dog & Mike George (c)

George and Afa slug it out to start, with George winning that battle. JYD tags as he works over the neck. George takes back in and works the neck until Afa rakes the eyes. Sika and JYD are in and clothesline each other as both men are down. Afa tags in and beats on JYD then distracts the referee so Sika can choke out JYD. Afa works a nerve hold as the Samoans are neutralizing JYD in the corner. JYD fights back and tags out as George runs wild. The match breaks down as George misses a charge in the corner as his shoulder rams into the post. George spills outside as back in the ring, JYD rolls away from a falling headbutt off the top by Sika. Afa comes into the ring with a chair as the referee checks on George but JYD takes it away and hits him. Akbar is in the ring and tries a fireball but JYD blocks it with the chair. JYD takes Sika out but dumps outside himself as George comes in and Afa hits him with a Samoan Drop on the chair as the ref rolls inside and counts to three as we have new Tag Team Champions (4:35) *1/2.

Thoughts: The match itself was basic but it had a ton of heat. JYD was really starting to take off here so splitting him off from George for the time being was a good idea. Plus, JYD was protected well as he took on both Samoans at the end, even blocking a fireball from Akbar.


Bob Roop vs. Frank Monte

These two take it to the mat and end up in a stalemate as the announcers talk about the previous match and how George had to be helped out of the arena. Monte works a headscissors on the mat as Watts tells us that Roop will face the Junkyard Dog for the Louisiana Heavyweight Title. Roop works the arm then Monte fights back. He hits a slam then gets two off of a dropkick. Monte charges but Roop clotheslines him in the back of the head then hits a shoulderbreaker for the win (3:41) *1/2.

Thoughts: A decent little match here. Monte was basically an enhancement talent but was a solid worker. I like Roop as he was kept strong here with another TV win for his match next week that we will learn about later on in the show.


Paul Orndorff vs. Mr. Olympia 

Olympia is the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion but this is a non-title match. These two start off with a fast-paced Irish whip sequence before aggressively going at it on the mat. Olympia gets two with a slam as they are now in a stalemate. Orndorff is pissed off then starts hammering away in the corner after a break. Orndorff misses a charge as Olympia starts working the arm as Watts talks about Orndorff’s ego. Olympia sends Orndorff in the corner with an atomic drop but shortly after that comes off of the middle rope with a clothesline after he was whipped into the corner. Orndorff beats on Olympia, who comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Orndorff quickly regains control then hits an elbow drop from the middle rope for a nearfall as Orndorff yells at the referee. Powerslam gets two as Orndorff is growing increasingly frustrated. Orndorff drops a knee after a slam but that only gets two. He tries a figure-four but Olympia blocks that. Orndorff then tries a piledriver but Olympia counters that with a backdrop. Olympia takes control and locks on the sleeper as they roll around on the mat. Orndorff gets up and continues to fight out of the hold but drops to his knees and the ref raises his hands three times but Orndorff is out as Olympia gets the win (7:07) **3/4.

Thoughts: Good match. They were off a bit during the middle but everything was really solid. I also loved how Orndorff tried to fight out of the sleeper hold. He did great on that. They’ve put over Mr. Olympia strongly since winning the Mississippi Heavyweight Title and he looks good in the ring, although the fans are not that much into him yet.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Brian Blair

Great, the two most boring non-enhancement talents in the promotion. Blair blocks a vertical suplex with a small package for two. Blair follows with a dropkick and a hip toss but Wiskowski hotshots Blair as he takes control. Wiskowski guillotines Blair on the bottom rope then tries a rollup that gets a two. Pierce lets us know that there is one minute left in the show as Blair mounts a comeback. Blair hits a dropkick that gets two as Watts tells us that the Junkyard Dog will defend the Louisiana Heavyweight Title against Bob Roop next week, putting over the fact the last three title matches on Mid-South TV have resulted in new champions, as the bell rings to signal the end of the show (3:26) *.

Thoughts: Blair was fundamentally sound and athletic but incredibly dull while Wiskowski was just incredibly dull. This was just to fill out the rest of the show as the non-finish helps as these two guys have been getting wins on TV. The big news here was that Roop was getting a shot at the Louisiana Heavyweight Title on next week’s show.


Final Thoughts: Overall, another good show. We saw the Tag Team Titles change hands, the Samoans turned on Ladd, and they really put over Skandor Akbar and his stable along with a good match between Orndorff  and Mr. Olympia. Plus, the news of next week’s Louisiana Title match. I loved how Watts told the viewers at home that the last three televised title matches have all resulted in new champions as a hook to get viewers to watch next week. Speaking of viewers, Watts also welcomed viewers in Tulsa, OK and in California to the show as he made it out to seem that they were expanding into different markets. Right now, this promotion is a blast to watch.


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