How can Jeff Jarrett be this stupid?


I don’t understand how a guy like Jeff Jarrett who has been in the business for the better part of 30 years could mismanage his GFW promotion this badly.

He booked major venus to hold TV tapings at over a year ago without having any TV deals in place, and now those tapings are sitting and collecting dust, unlikely to ever air even if he did get a TV deal (which seems increasingly unlikely).

Was this whole GFW thing just some kind of money laundering scheme? Did Jarrett believe someone else who was stringing him along?

​In a sense he was right to do it the way he did, because without TV the promotion would have been dead out of the water anyway. He didn’t want to be a regional indy, so he opted for the plan of shooting TV and then hoping it to sell it after the fact. It didn’t work, but that’s more on the lack of TV stations looking for wrestling these days. It’s more fair to say he was dumber for trying to promote in the first place, because he should have known better after years of dealing with failing promotions and money marks. ​