Fix a Year

Hey Scott. Hope all is well.

If you could redo/fix any year in pro wrestling, what would it be? I guess you’d want to fix bad angles or redo a year in which some great matches never occurred. For fantasy booking sakes, let’s say you have a bottomless bank account and every wrestler will play nice and get along with one another.

Just to get the discussion going, I’d say 1993 WWF. I wish Hogan/Savage and maybe even Warrior could have had a lineup of dream matches with Hart/HBK and on the undercard you could have had 1-2-3 Kid/Jannety/Owen/Steiners having 4 star matches with each other.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

​I’d go with 1995, to spare us the title run of Kevin Nash and crap like Wrestlemania 11 and King of the Ring 95. Not to mention all the stuff going wrong in WCW at the time that pretty much drove me away from both of the big two for nearly a year.​