Booking Mike Awesome post ECW

Hey Scott,

I’ve been watching some Mike Awesome stuff from WCW and can’t believe how much they wasted him. If booked correctly, I think he could’ve been THEIR Brock Lesnar. Sure, WCW was beyond repair by the time he signed with them but maybe he’d still be alive by now if his career matched his talent. This blame extends to WWE too. Besides stupid booking, was he a problem backstage or was he undercut due to the way he left ECW and was seen as unreliable? Talk about wasted talent…

​Yeah, the whole deal with the ECW title at the end was a pretty big black mark on him, I think, because he really screwed Heyman over on the deal. But I think overall he was viewed as a guy with potential who just needed the right gimmick, and no one could find it for him. He was too big to be booked as a small guy, and too small to be booked as a big guy. ​