Smackdown’s Women’s Title Solution

> With all the unanswered questions regarding the tag team and women on Smackdown, how about this for one solution: when it comes to the women, why not do something along the lines of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan striking a deal with William Regal for the exclusive rights to the NXT Women’s Champion. Let Bayley or Asuka come up as the Champion, and have that belt featured on Smackdown while having the Champion also work NXT tapings , instead of any awkward Raw/SD continuity, and also giving NXT more exposure to casual audiences. Better solution I feel than creating another Women’s Title, and when you think about it, the NXT Women’s Champion has probably been treated with more respect over the last 3 years than almost all of the Main Roster Champions in that time. You can brag about the strength of competition over it and and the battles featured in the NXT DVD set or the “100 Greatest Matches” book to really drive home the point and sell other products at the same time. Then fans can finally experience the dream of Eva Marie being the Champion.

I like how you built to the punchline there. Top notch work.

The idea is shockingly solid, but my concern would be that NXT tapes and plans s--- months ahead, while Vince books on a napkin, so I don’t see it working from a logistics standpoint. Good stab at it, though.