Random WCW Questions

1. Was Muta always only supposed to be around for a year in 1989 and then head back to Japan? Seems odd that out of nowhere he got completely jobbed out at Starrcade and then dropped the TV belt to Arn and was gone shortly thereafter. Could they have kept him around in 1990?

​It was always the plan, yes. They could have kept him around, but Muta was wanting to return to Japan and made better money there anyway. Now was the destruction of his character at the end ridiculously excessive and could they have done a lot more with him on the way out? Yeah, of course. But either way he wasn’t long for the promotion. ​

2. I’ve always heard that the Wargames match at Wrestlewar 91 did not end as planned due to Sid legit injuring Pillman. Is this true or did the match go just as planned. If not what was the planned finish? Seem weird that the horsemen actually went over here.

​It’s always seemed weird to me as well, but apparently it went as planned and the Pillman injury was just a part of the finish that got too real. The pertinent issue of the Observer isn’t in the archives for whatever reason, but I’m pretty sure Dave has always maintained that stance. ​

3. Why no Great American Bash PPV in 93 or 94. It returned in 95 but up until that point it was WCW’s 2nd biggest event of the year. Had Halloween Havoc or Superbrawl surpassed it at that point anyway?

​Yeah, that was a Bischoff call, because he wanted to make Superbrawl into the biggest show. Plus the Bash name had kind of been turning into an anchor with shows like Bash 91. ​