1993 Questions

So I am watching the summer of ’93 Raw episodes and have a few questions. Was the original plan for Hogan to show up on the ship and slam/pin Yoko (depending on whether you wanna do a 3rd ppv match or Hogan v Bret)? Backing up even further….what was the dirt sheet reason at the time why Savage went from going into Summerslam as champ and co-main eventing Survivor Series to nothing less than a year later? I never understood it, he was still a big draw when they didn’t have many of them

​1. The whole Lex-Yoko thing was because Hogan left, so no, Hogan was not planned to be involved in it. Bret has always maintained that the original plan was Hogan defending the title against him at Summerslam, but there doesn’t appear to be any actual evidence of that happening and it sounds like Hogan pretty much misted Bret into believing it.

2. As for Savage, Vince is fickle. Really there’s not much more to it than that. He felt Savage was too old for the role by that point and wanted to phase him down. Now, that being said, Savage was not a big draw in 92, in fact far from it. That’s not to say there wasn’t a role for him near the top or working main events, but the Flair program didn’t light anyone’s world on fire. So in a way I can kind of see Vince’s point. By 93-94, though, with Hogan gone and the main event scene in the toilet, he absolutely should have pushed Randy again to the top, no question about it. ​