1992 WWF

Hi Scott,

Watching the WWF PPVs from 1992 and the 2 Saturday Night’s Main Events from that year on the network has made it very clear that there is no content that covers the period after WM8 all the way to Summerslam.

What TV did WWF have at the time to keep its audience up to date on happenings on during this long period, and why isn’t it on the network?

How well did WWF do in regards to getting across its stories and cards in a pre-RAW era?


​Superstars, Wrestling Challenge, a few other syndicated recap shows, plus a little Monday night show called Prime Time Wrestling that was basically turning into the vestigial beginnings of Monday Night RAW at that point anyway. That being said, as a Canadian fan at the time, you could definitely tell that they didn’t give a crap about Superstars to any great degree and were putting their eggs in the USA basket because lots of stuff happened (like the Jamieson storyline as one earlier example) where they would make no effort to explain it to people (like Canadians) who didn’t have access ​to USA. But I was able to follow the product just fine at that point without internet access in 1992.