Loooooooooong shows


What is the point to these long ppvs. A throwaway show like Battleground going 4.25 hours with the pregame is not a fun event for me anymore. It’s a chore to sit through. What is the reasoning? Are they trying to screw with the ppv companies? Or do they just not want me to have enough sleep in the morning?

Cause I mean, if I have to go to bed before the show hits its main event, maybe I stop
watching them and then I stop subscribing. Ya know?

I definitely know. It’s annoying for me as well because I watch a 3.5 hour show and then I only have time to upload to the blog and run to bed. People have JOBS, you know. Especially if we’re only paying $10 for these shows, why not cut them down to 2 hours? The Takeover shows are perfectly paced at that length and you cannot tell me that we needed Darren Young v. The Miz, plus Rusev v. Zack Ryder, plus Natalya v. Becky Lynch all on PPV when there’s 5 hours of TV to fill two days later. Like, I can see the three hour thing being habit on their part, but extending it by another 30 minutes? It just makes no sense to me.