Introducing Finn Balor to Raw

Hi, Scott.

Now that WWE has indicated to the non-NXT-watching audience that Finn Balor is a big deal by Raw taking him with its third pick, how should WWE introduce him on the main roster?

Vignettes/video packages for a week or two before setting up a Summerslam match, or just debut him on Monday or even Sunday? What would be a good first program/feud? Do you limit the Demon attire to big matches – and maybe his first appearance on Raw – or make it regular like the Wyatt Family lantern/masks? How do you handle Anderson/Gallows?

I hope WWE has a good plan for this; for all the time, money and hype in/around Balor, they really should have this mapped out well.


​Remember how HHH said that everyone coming from NXT has to have a "six month plan"? So obviously they’ve got this well in hand and planned out. Just like Tyler Breeze, the Ascension, Baron Corbin, Becky Lynch, and the Vaudevillains. And like they’ve sunk giant amounts of money into Nakamura and let him rot in NXT for months doing nothing. ​That’s their PLAN. You can’t just raid someone from a competitor and stick them on TV to draw money! What is this, 1986? Without 27 writers to figure out someone’s motivation and write lines for them, it would be ANARCHY. Dogs v. cats!

Actually, the WWE writers would probably f--- up a dogs v. cats match and have the cat job to a hamster first. Bad example.