New Era Commentating Team

Hey Scott,

Thought Smackdown Live was a solid show last night but one of the biggest takeaway from the event was David Otunga is replacing King on commentary! Sure we get the Ranallo-Graves dream team but adding Otunga is a complete misfire. Do you believe this spell the end of the Kings long run in the WWE? And what are some of your favorite bad jokes from Jerry? My favorite is "The other day I told Stu Hart to start acting his age, so he died."

​Graves is on RAW, not Smackdown, so it’s Cole/Graves/Saxton and Renallo/Otunga/JBL, which is quite the combination. Everyone was saying that King was better than he had been in years, so that was pretty much his death sentence knowing this company.

Also, Daniel Bryan and Mauro Renallo of Smackdown are calling the CWC, so of course the eventual division will be exclusive to RAW​ when it launches. And Kalisto, the biggest star they have in that division right now, is on Smackdown.

But hey, RAW has the tag titles (and all the tag teams), plus the Women’s champion (and all the good women), plus the cruiserweights, plus Brock, so I guess Stephanie really is the smartest and best like she always says.