Montreal promotion

Hey Scott,

Reading through your recent WO flashbacks, I notice that Dave mentions the Montreal promotion.

I’m pretty hyped that Dave even remotely knew about something that I watched as a kid.

Did you follow or know about the promotion? I have a hard time finding info on it but I remember the Rougeaus and Rick Martel were staples.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Love the flashbacks!

​I personally didn’t have much access to the show, although I remember watching some of it at the end on local Vancouver stations around the time I’m currently writing about. I remember Samu getting pushed as a star and Dino Bravo as the champion, but by the time I became a fan guys like the Rougeaus and Martel were long gone. I remember the show was…not good. Announce Milt Avruskian was pretty legendarily bad, in fact. Dave still talks about the promotion in the Observers I’m doing, but I tend to skip recapping it because it’s all just "such and such beat so and so" and nothing really interesting to talk about. ​