Spring/Summer of 97

Hola Scott,

Been making my way through 1997, and I’m into June and I’m noticing Nitro featuring the Outsiders in the ring more, and Ric Flair wrestling more often on Nitro (I know he was injured but he’s wrestling on an almost weekly basis), and way more Sting/Hogan. Were the ratings battle getting closer at this time than late 96? I know Raw wouldn’t win until 1998, but wondering what the numbers were around the Spring of 97 with the rise of Austin, the return of HBK and of course the Hart Foundation.


​Numbers were still TERRIBLE for RAW, as it was a very long turnaround for the WWF and WCW was a juggernaut to boot. It really took until the Montreal Screwjob for things to start moving upwards in any significant way. Ratings might have been slightly higher in 97, but WCW was putting up incredible numbers, and it’s doubly amazing that RAW was able to catch them in April of 98 after a year of getting destroyed.

Once again, WCW pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.​