Mid-South Wrestling – January 21st, 1982

January 21, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week we will Dick Murdoch & Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Orndorff & Bob Roop see the Junkyard Dog vs. Iron Sheik


Tom Renesto vs. Brian Blair

The announcers put over Blair’s athleticism as Watts talks about smaller guys like Blair have to rely on their speed. Blair takes control early with some matwork then uses an armbar for a bit. Watts then talks about college football as Blair takes Renesto down with a forearm smash. Blair then hits a slam and a knee drop before putting Renesto away with a cradle from the abdominal stretch position (3:20).

Thoughts: Watts put over Blair on commentary by pushing his athletic background but he was not connecting wit the fans and just boring in general.


We are shown clips from last week where the Iron Sheik suplexed the s--- out of his opponent and Skandor Akbar went over to the commentators and called Americans “cowards” and Sheik was staging a sit-down strike until he got some competition. Akbar then calls out the Junkyard Dog then we saw how JYD ran in and attacked Sheik as they wrestled with JYD winning a quick match after Akbar’s interference backfired.


Now, Akbar is in the ring. He tells us that the Ayatollah himself recalled the Iron Sheik back to Iran tonight and he found that out via telegram. He seems upset and puzzled and we learn that the match will not take place. This smells like an angle.


Wild Samoans w/ Ernie Ladd vs. Jesse Barr & Tommy Wright

Sika and Wright start things off. Sika beats on him in the corner as the Samoans beat the crap out of the poor guy. Barr tags and lands a few shots then tags out after avoiding a falling headbutt as Wright gets beaten down some more until Afa hits the Samoan Drop for the win (2:38).

Thoughts: Since coming back from suspension, they have been re-establishing the Samoans as monsters.


Carlos Zapata vs. Mike George

George works a side-headlock to start. He then hits a pair of slams before going back to the headlock as Watts talks about the Iron Sheik going back to Iran. George hits another slam as Watts puts over the LSU wrestling program then George hits a Russian leg sweep for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Just a quick win to put over George, one half of the Tag Team Champions with the Junkyard Dog.


Mississippi Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Olympia vs. Bob Orton Jr. (c)

These two start off by fighting over a lockup. Olympia works a headscissors on the mat until Orton picks him up and spins around before hitting a backdrop as Orton himself also fell down after the move. Olympia uses a flying headscissors then grounds Orton, who breaks that up with forearm smashes. Orton briefly stays in control until Olympia fights back. He takes Orton down with a dropkick and a monkey flip then keeps dragging Orton back into the ring as he attempts to slide out for a breather. Orton goads Olympia into a flying clothesline from the middle rope then hits another clothesline after that for a nearfall. He then tries for the piledriver but Olympia escapes then they work a reversal sequence until Olympia catches Orton with a sleeper as that gets the win and the title (5:59) **1/2.

Thoughts: Good TV match. Olympia was smaller than most here but had a great physique and moved fast while Orton was one of the best technical wrestlers in the U.S. at this point.


Paul Orndorff & Bob Roop vs. Ted DiBiase & Dick Murdoch

Murdoch beats on Roop to start the match. Orndorff grabs Murdoch from the apron but DiBiase runs in to make the save. Murdoch is back to beating on Roop as DiBiase makes a blind tag and dropkicks Roop from behind right into Murdoch, who catches him with a slam. DiBiase and Orndorff slug it out now. DiBiase then catches Orndorff with a powerslam then applies the figure four. Orndorff reverses the hold but DiBiase eventually reverses it back as Roop tries to run in for the save as Murdoch tries to stop that but Roop ends up breaking the hold as the ref was ordering Murdoch back to the apron. The match breaks down then Orndorff hits Murdoch from behind with a high knee as he flew into the referee, knocking him through the ropes. Orton runs in and hits DiBiase with the piledriver. Murdoch is beating on Roop as the referee is still out then Orndorff tries to hit DiBiase with a piledriver as Orton climbs up top DiBiase breaks out then cuts off Orton as Murdoch hits Orton with a brainbuster and the referee crawls inside and counts to three as Murdoch pinned Orton to win the match (4:03) **1/4. After the match, the heels are livid as they yell at the referee.

Thoughts: Short, but really fun match. I liked the end with the heels getting their comeuppance after their interference finally backfired on them and they packed a lot of action in just a short amount of time.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Terry Daniels

Wiskowski beats on Daniels to start. Daniels manages a rollup for two then applies an armbar as Watts thinks Orton getting pinned in the previous match should have that on his record because that’s what you deserve when you try and interfere. Wiskowski beats on Daniels then hits the backbreaker for the win (1:26).

Thoughts: The crowd was understandably quiet here due to the previous segment and no one really cared about Wiskowski to begin with.


Billy Ash vs. Frank Monte

Monte grounds Ash to start as the announcers talk about next week’s matches such as Bob Roop vs. Ted DiBiase for the North American Title and Orton & Orndorff vs. JYD & Mike George. Ash works a hammerlock but Monte counters and uses a rollup for a nearfall. They trade forearm smashes then Monte manages a sunset flip then a hip toss but time expires as we have reached the end of the show as this match is a draw (3:59).

Thoughts: Just the “stand by” match to fill the rest of the show as the announcers recapped the main stories from tonight and hyped up next week’s show as well.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a very good show. The title match was good and the big tag match was really fun. Plus, we had the angle of the Iron Sheik being called back to Iran.