1987 Hacksaw

Hey, Scott:

Love the Observer recaps. The 1987 issues are right where I began as a fan. Over the years, I’d heard that 1987 Hacksaw Jim Duggan was quite over with the crowds. So…

1.) How badly did the Sheik arrest halt his momentum? On the surface, it seems like he still was drawing all the way through to his feud with Andre in the summer of 1988.

2.) If Duggan is never arrested, might he have been in line to be Honky’s top challenger (or perhaps better stated…his FIRST challenger) for the IC strap in the summer of 1987? I remember Honky initially going around the house show loop with rematches against Steamboat, but on TV, they transitioned to Savage pretty quickly.

​1. It killed his momentum pretty badly. He was signed to be a TOP guy, like a B show main eventer, and Vince was already losing faith in him as it is. The drug charge pretty much turned him into a midcarder.

2. ​I’m pretty sure Savage was always gonna be the guy, as Dave has been talking about a potential Savage turn for weeks now. Duggan’s role was more supposed to be "fighting big fat foreign menace when Hogan isn’t there".