What/Who Makes A Good GM?

Hi, Scott. What kind(s) of GMs would you like to see in charge of Raw and Smackdown?

Based on the tone of Vince’s promo, it seems like WWE is leaning towards "controversial" GMs who will stir the pot and try to act like stars rather than a more laid back person who just tries to keep the show running smoothly (and a lot of the goofball GMs had cameos in recent weeks, suggesting that type of GM is unlikely).

Do you think the GMs will be on almost every week while the McMahons are on far less, or is it just to set up another level of authority figure for the McMahons to overrule?

Finally, who do you think would work well as a GM for today’s audience?


​It just seems like another lazy story device, to add another layer of heel authority figure when the McMahons don’t feel like doing TV. It really doesn’t matter who they end up picking, but given we haven’t seen him in the wacky guest GM spot yet, I’d say Bischoff will end up with one of the jobs. If he doesn’t wrestle again, I’d say Angle could fill the other slot, but that might be asking too much, so we’ll just play it safe and hope for Matt Hardy instead.​