Those pesky McMahons

Wouldn’t you think that, after seeing ratings bottoming out with the current product, maybe the McMahon clan would see that people aren’t interested in watching them on TV, remove themselves from the shows, and work on rebuilding their sports entertainment/professional wrestling programs around actual, you know, sports entertainers and professional wrestlers?

Doesn’t that kind of make a lot of sense?

​Yeah, but it’s a vicious circle. Ratings drop, so we get more McMahons to boost ratings, and then people get sick of them and ratings go down again, so we get MORE McMahons to prop up the ratings, and then people get sick of THOSE McMahons and the ratings fall again, etc etc. In their mind, that’s the only solution for ratings problems now, but they’ve created a situation where no one takes anything seriously unless it’s Vince or Stephanie or Shane saying it. ​