Striking while the iron’s hot

Hey Scott,

So ideally, since the Brock back in UFC experiment basically resulted in best case scenario, how quickly should Vince put the title back on Brock? Does he even need it? Is it a risk, especially if/when he decides to have more UFC fights?

I suppose if the Reigns push of spite continues, and the give Brock the strap you can bet THIS year he’ll beat Brock clean as a sheet at Mania, gawddammit!

​I feel like if UFC does the rumored MSG main event of Brock challenging Miocic for the heavyweight title, then Vince should absolutely put the WWE title on him because it would be a GOLDMINE to have the "fake wrestling" champion trying for the UFC title and would probably set off both fanbases against each other. I don’t think Brock is really going to affect ratings or Network buys otherwise, but the goal would be mainstream pub and boosting the WWE image overall by associating with a top star like Brock. ​