Self Made Territories

So with Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. Do you think we’ll see some territory style stories and booking?

Granted NXT is the minors, but one could look at it like a small indy. Could we actually have feuds that end and then have the guy that got beat show up on Raw for a while? Or be "demoted" to NXT for a bit and put into a tag team? Or is it going to be the same as the last brand split and people only "Jump" once a year at the draft.

Would the former even work at this point? Loser leaves town match and just show up on Smackdown 3 days later? Guy goes to NXT to actually freshen up his character? Smackdown champ gets screwed out of the title and shows up on Raw? I think you could get some mileage out of that but I have no idea. I would value your (Or the blog’s) opinion.

​Yeah, but see, the problem there is that plan would portray the wrestlers as human beings with free will who aren’t portrayed as paupers that would be destitute without WWE. Clearly the only character they know how to book is "Supposed star crawls to Stephanie and begs for continued employment". If someone was able to be "fired" by Big Steph and then could just show up on the other program without someone trading or drafting them like cattle, that would imply someone else other than Steph having any kind of power as an on-screen personality. In a sane world, yeah, running things like the territories would be exactly what everyone needed to freshen things up. In this world, not a chance.​