The Kerry formula


Suppose Vince had gone with Kerry von Erich as his Rock ‘n Wrestling torchbearer. What kind of matches might we have seen during his (presumably somewhat lengthy) title reign? An alternate universe rehash of the "blue collar superhero slays monster-of-the-month" formula that worked so well for Hogan? Or does the WWF main event scene veer left toward a more technical/scientific/athletic style a decade or so before the steroid trial forced Vince’s hand? For that matter, does Sheiky-Baby carry the belt at all, or does Vince transition straight from Backlund to Kerry? (Since although he didn’t–to my knowledge–possess the amateur wrestling background that Backlund supposedly insisted of his successor, his technical chops were an order of magnitude more polished than Hogan’s.)

​Yeah, but Fritz had Kerry work the same "monster of the month" style as Hogan for a lot of his non-Freebird tenure in World Class, so I can where Vince could use the same formula had Kerry ended up on top. I don’t think his reign would have been particularly long, and I bet Roddy Piper would have ended with the belt by 85 in fact, but I think Vince would have at least TRIED the same stuff with Kerry.​