WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 2nd, 1988

October 2, 1988

From the Lousiville Gardens in Louisville, KY

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week will be Jake Roberts, Blue Blazer, Demolition, and Don Muraco.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Larry Stevens

Heenan talks trash about Jake and his wife to put over the program with Rude. Jake catches Stevens with a hip toss but misses an elbow as Stevens puts over his own intelligence. We get an insert promo from Cheryl, who tells Rude after he gets hit with a DDT, she will come in the ring and slap his face. Jake acts like he really hurt his leg then surprises Stevens with a DDT and covers with one foot for the win (1:58). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on Stevens.

Thoughts: I thought the finish was awesome. Cheryl’s insert promos were not that good but the feud still had some mileage left, even if it was close to running its course.


Brother Love Show is next. Brother Love tells us that his show will no longer be a part of “Wrestling Challenge” and knows how disappointed we will be. However, he is moving on to bigger and better things before bringing out his replacement, Gene Okerlund. Mean Gene comes out and tells Brother Love off for being a phony and asks the crowd if Brother Love is capable of loving anything, including himself, as Brother Love is beside himself then runs off the stage. This was done to get Brother Love off of Challenge and put over his replacement, which was Okerlund replacing the departed Craig DeGeorge hosting the segments on the interview platform.


Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. John Latu & Scott Casey

Demolition starts off by destroying Casey in their corner. Casey manages to hit a dropkick then tags out as Smash beats the crap out of Latu in the corner. Ax slams Latu around for a bit as Demolition beats on the guy until putting him away with the Decapitation (3:10).

Thoughts: Dominating performance by Demolition, who got some audible cheers at the finish. They were such a cool team that despite being heels, fans loved them anyway.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan, who puts over Andre’s size and claims he has been undefeated since starting his career. Andre then screams how he will stay undefeated. Koko B. Ware then sings to Frankie about how you have to keep climbing up to the top and face all challengers. Koko then warns his future opponents to not treat him like a stepping stone.


Blue Blazer vs. Trent Knight

Blazer hits a dropkick as Heenan wants to know his identity. Blazer then hits a suplex and a backbreaker as he stays in control. Blazer then catches Knight with a belly-to-belly suplex before hitting a missile dropkick. Blazer then slams Knight before hitting a moonsault for the win (2:07).

Thoughts: Blazer was wowing the crowds at the time with his speed and moveset. Unfortunately for him, it did not get him anywhere during this run.


Bad News Brown vs. Randy Spear

Bad News attacks Spear from behind before the bell. He stays on the attack as the announcers put over how he is undefeated before Bad News is shown in an insert promo talking about enjoying torturing and hurting people before calling out Randy Savage. Bad News knocks Spear down then puts him away with the Ghetto Blaster (1:48).

Thoughts: Bad News was being heavily pushed here to prepare him for title matches against Savage around the house show circuit.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. The British Bulldogs tell us how they have defeated all of their opponents and that Matilda told them to tell the fans to buy the Matilda dolls and bring them to the arena. Mooney even holds up the doll when they cut back to him. After that, Danny Davis is with his manager Jimmy Hart as they tell us how they have an open contract to fight anyone. Davis hasn’t been pushed at all in about a year and this never led to anything either.


“The Rock” Don Muraco vs. Harley Manson

Muraco knocks Manson down as we hear from Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they talk about Muraco crying and whining over his leg brace. Back to the match as Muraco hits a back elbow smash then puts Manson away with a tombstone (1:41).

Thoughts: The Muraco/Valentine feud continues, although it would soon be over as not too long after this aired, Muraco was fired from the company.


Hart Foundation vs. Gene Ligon & Tony Suber

Tony Sober is now back to the name he normally used. We hear from Jimmy Hart and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers in an insert promo as they wish the Hart Foundation success because they own their contract. Jimmy notes how the Rougeaus are “all American boys” there too. The Hart Foundation are in control here until they put Ligon away with the Hart Attack (3:44).

Thoughts: They are revving up the Hart Foundation/Rougeaus feud, with the Hart Foundation irate over the fact Jimmy Hart is giving their money to the Rougeaus.


Now, we get another Mr. Perfect vignette as this time he is on the golf course. To prove to us he is perfect, he will attempt to sink a 40 yard putt and he does.


Curt Todd vs. “The Outlaw” Ron Bass 

Bass is shown in an insert promo showing off his spurs, Bo & Bart Maverick, as he calls out Brutus Beefcake. Bass beats on Todd as Gorilla lets us know that WWF President Jack Tunney is looking into whether or not Bass can take his spurs to the ring with him while Heenan goes off about others bringing 2×4’s and snakes. Bass yells at the crowd before inflicting more pain until he hits the gourdbuster for the win (3:01).

Thoughts: They continued the Bass/Beefcake feud and added another part of the story with WWF President Jack Tunney contemplating whether or not to ban Bass’ spurs from ringside.


Next week in action will be Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Koko B. Ware, Rick Rude, and Brutus Beefcake.


Final Thoughts: Fine for the “B” show. They added a new wrinkle to the Bass/Beefcake feud and ran Brother Love off in his final appearance on Challenge. Everything else was status quo for the most part.


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