Orton vs Lesnar

What’s the point? Where’s the buildup?

Wouldn’t it have made sense to start the angle on the first live Smackdown?

I’m sure it’s gonna be great, but what’s the issue?

​I don’t know, it’s all a really hinky buildup, and I still don’t understand why they don’t wait and make sure that Brock doesn’t get his ribs broken or face bashed in or something. Like, why not just wait until after UFC 200 to make sure? Why even start announcing matches for Summerslam before we even get through Battleground: Quest For Rematches? Dave’s theory is that the deal struck with UFC is for ​them to plug Summerslam during UFC 200, which is weird because WWE doesn’t even care about selling PPV anymore, but I guess we’ll find out later tonight.