Mid-South Wrestling January 14, 1982

January 14, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, we will see the Wild Samoans & Ernie Ladd vs. Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes & Junkyard Dog as that is the dream match from the contest. Plus, a special challenge match between Bob Roop and Dick Murdoch.


The Monk vs. Brian Blair

Blair takes Monk down and they roll around on the mat, even landing on top of the referee as he had to roll outside. Watts puts over all of the fans who voted in the Dream Match Contest and other matches, like Mike George vs. Bob Orton Jr. Blair works a front facelock for a bit as Watts is thanking the fans. Blair switches to a side headlock but ends up running into a knee smash. The Monk gets two with a suplex then a leg drop but Blair comes back with a forearm smash and fires away. He then gets two with a dropkick and hits a knee lift before putting him away with a cradle from the abdominal stretch position (3:43).

Thoughts: Blair was technically proficient but as exciting as watching paint dry. He was not over and soon on his way out of the territory.


“Big Cat” Ernie Ladd & Wild Samoans vs. Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes & Junkyard Dog

Afa and Dusty start things off. Dusty takes control then Afa gets worked over by everyone. Andre uses a double noggin-knocker on the Samoans then the crowd wants Ladd to get in the ring with Andre, who takes Sika down with a butt smash. Ladd finally tags in and gets shoved back. Ladd tries to hook Andre into the ropes but gets chopped down. Andre finally gets outnumbered as the ref struggles to maintain control. Andre breaks free and even pulls Sika into the ring as he tags out. Dusty works the leg of Ladd as Watts lists off all sorts of promoters like Vince McMahon, Jim Barnett, and Joe Blanchard who all want Dusty Rhodes. Ladd finally tags out as Afa runs into a big boot but Ladd breaks up the pin as the match breaks down. The Samoans hit Andre with a double slam then Ladd hits a splash but Andre kicks out. The match breaks down again then JYD & Dusty hit Ladd with a backdrop as Andre climbs to the middle rope and hits a splash for the win (6:40) **. The fans go nuts for the finish.

Thoughts: Fun match that was all-action. The fans were going crazy and the star-power on the face side was massive.


Carlos Zapata vs. Mr. Olympia

Olympia made his Mid-South debut last week. He hits a dropkick after a fast-paced sequence then works the arm. Olympia shows off his speed and agility here as the announcers are talking about the dream match. Zapata catches Olympia with a knee smash but Olympia comes back with a reverse rollup then a mule kick as he goes back to working the arm. Zapata uses a few turnbuckle smashes but Olympia ducks a clothesline and catches Zapata with a sleeper for the win (3:52).

Thoughts: Mr. Olympia looked great and worked at a faster speed than most. However, his opponent could not and at times, this looked awful. Anyway, Mr. Olympia was the new gimmick for Jerry Stubbs, who had wrestled a few years prior in Mid-South under that name. He also used the Mr. Perfect gimmick in Continental wrestling after that before giving Curt Hennig the blessing to use it in the WWF.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Tommy Wright

Wright tries a headlock takeover but Wiskowski rolls on top and hammers away. Pierce lets us know that Watts had to leave and puts him over as a humanitarian as Wiskowski hits a slam and roughs up Wright in the corner. Wiskowski pulls up Wright after a double underhook suplex to inflict more punishment as he cuts off every comeback attempt until he gets the win with a backbreaker (2:51).

Thoughts: Wiskowski was also on his way out of Mid-South at this time. He never impressed during his time here either.


Bob Roop vs. Dick Murdoch

Murdoch works a waistlock to start. They fight over a test-of-strength as Murdoch toys with Roop, who complains to the referee. Roop works a side headlock but runs into an elbow smash after that as Murdoch is starting to get inside of Roop’s head. Roop works the arm and bites Murdoch’s fingers when the referee is not working. Murdoch kips-up but Roop yanks him back down by the hair as the fans are pissed. Roop is using boot scrapes then yanks Murdoch back down again by the hair and chokes Murdoch out on the mat. Roop yanks Murdoch down again and hammers away. Roop gets two with a mat slam but Murdoch fights back. Roop gets knocked down then kicks Roop in the head as the fans cheer. Murdoch drops an elbow then sets up for a brainbuster but Paul Orndorff runs out and trips him up as Roop falls on top for a nearfall. Orndorff grabs Murdoch’s leg again, allowing Roop to use a reverse rollup, but Murdoch kicks out and shoves Roop into Orndorff, who was trying to come into the ring. Orndorff then runs in to break up a pin attempt by Murdoch as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (7:48) **1/4. Orndorff stomps on Murdoch until Ted DiBiase runs out for the save.

Thoughts: This was really just a one shot deal for Murdoch here as he would return to TV again later in the year. The match itself was fine but more like the beginning of a long house show match. This also helped continue the feud Orndorff and Roop had against DiBiase and sets up for a potential tag match between the four down the line.


Ladd joins Pierce, saying he refuses to leave and says he got ripped off by Andre the Giant tonight and how his teammates all piled up on him. Ladd then warns JYD that he will hurt anyone associated with him as he issues a warning to the Mid-South roster. Ladd then said that he bought out the contract of Jerry Novak & Rick Ferrera and put the Wild Samoans in their place.


Wild Samoans w/ Ernie Ladd vs. Jesse Barr & Frank Monte

The Samoans destroy Monte to start. Monte escapes and makes the tag as Barr hits a dropkick. Barr then runs into Sika and the Samoans hit him with a double-team move before Sika gets the win with a Samoan Drop (1:37).

Thoughts: A short, dominating performance to re-establish Ladd and the Samoans after losing earlier in the show.


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Mike George

These two go back-and-forth to start. Orton tries for the piledriver as George counters that then hits an atomic drop then catches him with a Russian Leg Sweep for the win (0:56). After the match, the Wild Samoans and Ernie Ladd run in to attack George. JYD and Dusty Rhodes run out for the save and check on George, who is clutching his arm.

Thoughts: Ladd and the Samoans kept true from their word earlier as they beat down JYD’s tag team partner.


Dusty then heads over to Pierce and calls out Ladd for running his mouth and that he is JYD’s friend and anytime he wants to bring his two “big baboons” to jump on their “booty” then come get him as they will not take any slack and when they get to barking and biting their booties, they will be running to the Golden Gate Bridge.


Final Thoughts: I thought this was an excellent show. The dream match was really fun and the angle with Ladd & Samoans set up a hot feud to start off the year. Between that feud and Orndorff & Roop against DiBiase, the promotion has some awesome stuff going on at the moment.


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