Wrestlemania X7 & NXT

Hey Scott,

Longtime reader (still break out ‘Tonight, in this very ring’ here and there!) and occasional questioner.

1) The story goes that Shawn Michaels was scheduled to return to X7 an interfere with the HHH/Taker match, but he showed up "unable to perform." Presumably, this would’ve lead to a HHH win, right and thus killing the streak (which wasn’t a streak then), right?

The amount of "What if’s" that stem from this single act is staggering. Which is the biggest?

2) Any chance you’re going to Smark Rant the Bálor v. Nakamura match?

​1. I dunno, the streak wasn’t really a thing back then anyway. If it never happens, it’s not like Wrestlemania fails to draw for the next 10 years or whatever. It was more just a huge wakeup call for Shawn in particular.

2. What, next week’s NXT show? I probably could. I’m gonna do something on the first CWC episode for Sporting News anyway.