Ring of Honor – July 6th, 2016


Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way here….

Notable news from around the world of ROH this week;

–Apparently, this should just be named the ‘Moose news’ of the week. After confirming that the WWE has backed off for now due to Moose’s 2009 domestic violence arrest, TNA has apparently entered the fray. MLW radio initially reported that Moose had signed a deal the company but later backtracked, claiming that Moose had only received an offer, which Moose confirmed. It appears that Moose’s decision has come down to either ROH or TNA, so we’ll see what happens in the upcoming days.

I’ll be covering the Cruiserweight Classic on Wednesdays from here on in, so you get a double dose of Rick! Feel the love!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 7/6/16

Tonight, we look back at some of the best matches so far in Ring of Honor in 2016! It’s the 250th episode of ROH TV! I get to post a bunch of links instead of recapping! Kevin Kelly voiceover tells us that while the staff is still recuperating from Best in the World 2016 (you can order that replay right now!), they’ll be back next week. So we’re going to look at 4 of ROH’s favorite matches from 2016.

Up first, Bobby Fish vs Tomohiro Ishii from Global Wars, which saw the crowning of a new World TV Champ. My review of that event is here: https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2016/05/12/ring-of-honor-global-wars-2016-2/

My thoughts on that match are about the same. It was a great match for Fish, who kept trying his hardest to figure out how he was supposed to win, and then he finally did. I enjoy watching guys do that type of thing, and it kept everyone strong while getting the title off Ishii. I wish he would have submitted, but I’m not naïve; I knew that was a pipe dream.

They show pretty much the entire match, excluding the ad break, so it’s worth checking out. And with that, we’ll check out these ads!

We’re back with the Briscoes vs Elgin and Tanahashi, from the 14th Anniversary show. Hey, I haven’t reviewed this one yet! Let’s do it.

The Briscoes (Jay and Mark) vs Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Jay and Elgin look to start us off. Lockup goes all over the ring, and they break. 2nd lockup goes the corner and a shoving match ensues, then a forearm battle. Briscoe sends Elgin to the corner, but Big Mike charges out with a shoulderblock. Briscoe comes back, but comes off the ropes and gets press-slammed by Elgin. Elgin gets Jay up for a suplex and holds him there, Mark tries to come in and break it up, but Hiroshi comes in and both Briscoes get suplexed. Tags now to Mark and Tana. They lock up, Mark gets a side headlock and Tana shoots him off, shoulder from Mark moves no one. Tana off the ropes now, Mark with some redneck Kung-Fu, but that ends with a Tanahashi armdrag. Mark gets sent to the corner, but takes a few shots at Elgin to fight out. Jay gets a tag, but is met by Hiroshi, who sends him outside. Mark goes after Tana now, gets sent to the corner but shoulders a charging Tanahashi from the apron and leaps off with a Blockbuster to Elgin on the floor. Jay unloads with shots on Hiroshi in the ring, cross-corner whip is reversed but Hiroshi eats an elbow charging in, then a discus elbow for two. Tag back to Mark, who gets a Side Russian legsweep for two. Tag back to Jay, and he catches Tana in the corner with a big boot. Elbow off the ropes gets two for Jay. Mark back in now as the Briscoes have cut the ring in half on Tanahashi, and this match is good enough that I hope they cut these ads in half!

We’re back with Tana and Mark both on the mat, and there’s a tag to Elgin. Elgin goes up, flying shoulderblock on Mark! He hits a few running forearms on Mark, but misses the 3rd and Mark fires with chops. He sends Elgin off the ropes, but Mike hooks the top rope and clobbers Jay on the apron, then avoids a Mark charge and sends him face first to the buckle, following with an enzuigiri. Rolling Germans time, first two hit and Jay breaks up the third, so Elgin just suplexes him instead. Elgin charges Mark in the corner and eats a Briscoe boot; Mark goes up, but Elgin catches a cross-body and turns it into a spinning slam. 1,2, no! Elgin looks for the powerbomb, but Jay is back in breaks that up with a superkick, followed by Tana hitting the ring to engage Jay. Tana tosses Jay, but Mark is fighting out! He throws chops and forearms, comes off the ropes…and gets caught by Elgin. Forearm from Hiroshi into a release German by Mike. Tana looks for the High Fly Flow, but Jay is back in and he returns the earlier favor, kicking Tana to the floor. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Jay, but he gets caught with an Elgin enzuigiri. Mike goes up, Mark meets him at the top and slams him off, followed by a Jay Briscoe top rope splash! 1,2, NO! Tag to Jay, and the Briscoes double-team Elgin with headbutts, Mark comes off the ropes but Elgin dumps him and starts firing back at Jay. Discus from Elgin is blocked by a Jay headbutt, then a big kick to Mike. Another one, but Elgin gets the Discus this time to put them both down. Tag to Tana, and he takes out a charging Mark, then takes Jay to the corner. Mark tries to stop it and send Tana to the buckles, but Tana avoids a charging Jay and dropkicks Mark in the knee. Dragon-screw legwhip by Tana to Jay. Tana off the ropes, but he gets wiped out by a Jay forearm. Tag back to Mark, who dropkicks Elgin off the apron, but eats a boot when he charges Hiroshi in the corner. Exploder by Mark, then the machine gun neckbreaker from Jay. Mark goes up, Froggy-bow! 1,2, NO! The Briscoes go for a Doomsday Device on Tanahashi, but Elgin is back in and he tosses Jay into the buckles, crotching Mark. Elgin picks Jay up, Death Valley Driver to Jay onto Mark in the corner! Elgin puts Tana on his shoulders and slams him on top of Mark, 1,2, Jay makes the save! Elgin tosses Jay as Tana hits the Sling Blade on Mark, then Elgin grabs Mark and hits a deadlift powerbomb. Tanahashi on the top rope, High Fly Flow! We’re done here. (Elgin & Tanahashi over the Briscoes, pinfall, 14:09)

WORTH WATCHING? This was tremendous heavyweight style tag wrestling. YES, you should check this one out. Just a couple of teams letting it all hang out there. It’s not quite as good as Briscoes/War Machine, but it’s still pretty decent. They aired most of the match, too; the only cut was in the commercial break. Good stuff.

Post-match, Kevin Kelly voiceover wonder whether or not Jay Briscoe was able to rebound from this loss and capture the World title from Jay Lethal! But fans, you can go to ROHwrestling.com and find out for yourself by ordering the Best in the World replay! YEAH! Enjoy all 13 minutes of the biggest rematch in ROH history!

Sorry, still upset about that. Up next, a look at the Fight Without Honor between Dalton Castle and Silas Young….after these great ads!

We’re back and we’re joining Castle/Young in progress. My review is here: https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2016/04/14/ring-of-honor-april-13th-2016/

My thoughts on this match are also pretty much the same. Decent, but I’m happy it was ostensibly the end of the eternal feud between the two guys.

And after a few minutes of that, we throw it to the 3-team Philly street fight between reDRagon, the Young Bucks, and the Kingdom that is probably the ROH TV MOTY so far. Just a crazy, crazy garbage brawl that somehow held together throughout. They show pretty much the whole match here, and it’s just as crazy as I remember it, with Kevin Kelly and Bobby Cruise taking superkicks and the plunder being used extremely effectively. It’s not my favorite style of match, but this one was done very, very well and deserves to be watched.

My review is here: https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2016/01/21/ring-of-honor-january-20th-2016/

Kevin Kelly voiceover tells us that even though it’s been a few months, he’s still feeling those superkicks. Next week, we return with all new action, where in the main event, the tag team titles will be on the line! We’ll see you then!

FINAL THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: It’s a clip show. I mean, that’s the long and short of it; if you’ve not seen any of these matches, they picked good ones to showcase, so they’re worth checking out. Otherwise, treat it as a week off and we’ll pick up next week with the tapings from Best in the World.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

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