Owen Hart question

Do you think if Owen Hart’s death happened in 2016 in the manner that it did, that the WWE would be brought down? Surely, with all of the cell phones of today, the event would have been captured and gone viral. How do you think this tragedy would play out today, and what sort of different repercussions would have been brought about?

​Frankly I’m shocked that WWE got off as easy as it did even without people filming it and putting it on Twitter. A man dies under Vince’s watch and he’s putting up a fight about paying the widow a few million dollars? Today it would probably not even make it to court, with stockholders probably forcing the company to settle very early into the process and then drastically overhauling safety standards. Although to their credit, I suppose, they don’t do stupid stunts like that anymore outside of Shane hurling himself off a cage and through a table. ​