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May 20th, 2016

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your host is Excalibur


Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole

Before the match, Cole starts mimicking Castle’s routine and that leads to them crawling over to each other for a staredown. The match starts with Cole backing Castle into the corner then breaking cleanly as the crowd yells “Adam Cole bay-bay!” Castle then mocks Cole from the apron after that then they finally start wrestling as Castle takes Cole down as they take it to the mat. Cole gets pissed and tries a clothesline but Castle ducks that and hits a dropkick. Cole ducks out then Castle teases a dive as the crowd applauds. Back inside, Castle works the arm then fakes another dive after Cole went out. Castle then knocks Cole off of the apron before flying out with a tope as he is in control of the match. They head back but Cole crotches Castle with the middle rope as Castle rolls out as the fans fan him off. Castle heads back in and lands a few shots before running into an elbow smash. Cole mocks Castle, who is crowd is really into tonight. Cole signals for the Cole Train but ends up eating boot. Castle heads up then Cole shoves him to the floor. Castle is on the apron and kicks Cole off the top. They head back in where Cole hits a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a nearfall. Castle fights back and hits an overhead suplex as both men are down. Castle is up first and hammers away before taking Cole down with a clothesline. Castle is laying into Cole in the corner with all sorts of strikes. He stops but that allows Cole to kick him in the face. Cole tries the Panama Sunrise but Castle catches him and hits another overhead suplex. Cole rolls outside where Castle hits a headscissors. Back inside, Castle leaps off the top and misses an attack in what appeared to be a mistimed sequence. Castle then hits an elbow smash for two. Cole blocks an Alabama Slam then shoves a charging Castle into the corner. Cole hits a brainbuster on his knee and thinks he won but Castle had his foot on the ropes. Cole the flips off the ref and the crowd as he heads to the back. The ref starts counting as Cole returns and starts toying with Castle. Cole lands some shots but Castle fights back. They trade bicycle kicks then Cole kicks his knee before hitting a super kick for two. Castle bridges out of a pin then hits a bridging deadlift German suplex for a very close nearfall. Castle lands a few strikes then hits a flying knee in the corner. Castle heads up top but Cole catches him with a super kick then hits a brainbuster on the knee for the win (14:12) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. The crowd was really into Castle, who dominated this for the most part. Cole was in his Bullet Club gear as he joined them less than two weeks prior at the Ring of Honor Global Wars PPV and he was a fine in his heel role. He was also far less boisterous than he is when part of the Mt. Rushmore 2.0 act in PWG. Castle is really someone that can be a special talent in a few years.


Kamaitachi vs. Michael Elgin

Originally, Elgin was supposed to face Zack Sabre Jr. for the PWG Title in Sabre’s first title defense but he was out with an injury as Kamaitachi was a last-minute replacement. Senior official Rich Knox has joined on commentary. Elgin shoves Kamaitachi in the corner to start. Kamaitachi surprises Elgin with a few rollups then takes him down with a dropkick. Elgin rolls outside as Kamaitachi attempts a sunset bomb. Elgin blocks it and tries a sitdown splash but misses then Kamaitachi hits Elgin with a missile dropkick. Back inside, Elgin lifts up Kamaitachi and hits a stunner as that did not look too graceful. Elgin overpowers Kamaitachi then hugs the referee before hitting a few elbow smashes. Kamaitachi refuses to stay down though but Elgin hits a German suplex for two. Elgin taunts the fans and takes his time but that allows Kamaitachi to knock him outside. Kamaitachi then flies off the top as it appeared he was trying a hurricarana but ended up overshooting as the announcers played it off like it was a senton. They head in the ring where Kamaitachi uses a Dragon Screw as he is now targeting the legs. They end up on the apron where Kamaitachi misses a kick and gets his leg caught on the top rope as Elgin boots him down. Elgin then hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron and rolls Kamaitachi in for a nearfall. They trade enziguiris then fight up top where Kamaitachi blocks a powerbomb with a rana. He then heads up top to hit Elgin with a double knee smash then does it again for a nearfall. The crowd is chanting for Kamaitachi as he hits a release German suplex after a reversal sequence. They now trade super kicks until Elgin flattens him with a clothesline for a nearfall. Elgin then hits a super Falcon Arrow but Kamaitachi kicks out. Elgin is in a state of disbelief then hits a buckle bomb. He tries for another powerbomb but Kamaitachi counters with a sunset flip for two. Kamaitachi hits a super kick then head and heads up top for another double knee smash but Elgin catches him and hits an Alabama Slam before getting the win with a sitout powerbomb (12:38) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good action and Kamaitachi got over well with the crowd in his PWG debut. However, there was some sloppiness and Kamaitachi did not really sell much of anything and seeing how he was portrayed as a young lion against a bigger opponent, he should have done a much better job in that department. It was more of a showcase to what he can do than a match, IMO. A lot of other people, including Dave Meltzer, gave this match ****+ but I did not feel that way.


Mark Andrews vs. Marty Scrull

Excalibur is back alone on commentary. They start off the match by trading standing holds as that ends in a stalemate. The crowd then starts a dueling chant as they battle over a test-of-strength. They end up in another stalemate after Scurll used a small package. Scurll uses cheap heel tactics to regain control then works a side headlock. Andrews does some flipping to get out of a waistlock in the corner and hits an armdrag but Scurll yanks him back down after that. Andrews rolls out of a move and catches Scurll with a basement dropkick. Andrews takes Scurll outside but is tripped up while attempting a dive. Scurll takes Andrews outside and teases throwing him into the crowd but instead tosses him into the ring before yelling at the fans. Andrews takes advantage of Scurll being distracted and hits Scurll with a moonsault block from the apron. They head back inside where Scurll gets his feet up on a shooting star press then heads outside and suplexes Andrews on the ring apron. Scurll then throws Andrews at a much larger fan at ringside, who catches him. Scurll grabs a chair and taunts the fan before poking his eye as the crowd cheers. Back in the ring, Scurll hits a slam then starts stretching Andrews out with a surfboard. Scurll then switches to the Gory Special until Andrews manuevers himself and escapes with a sunset flip. Andrews floats over Scurll in the corner then hits a double stomp to the chest as both men are resting in the corner. Andrews charges and hits a knee smash then uses a Northern Lights suplex and rolls through to hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Scurll yanks Andrews down by his shoulder and that leads to Scrull catching a flip attempt but Andrews turning that into a swinging DDT that plants Scurll on his head for two. Andrews hits an enziguri in the corner but gets booted in midair then hit with a super kick for a nearfall. Scurll works the leg after blocking an enziguiri then hits a running Ace Crusher then hits a double underhook slam for two. Scurll uses the finger breakers then fakes out Andrews with a super kick and hits him low. Andrews pops up with a kick and that leads to a fast and furious sequence ending with Scurll putting on the Chicken Wing. Andrews ends up rolling out of that and they go at it again until knocking each other out with roundhouse kicks. They start fighting from their knees until Scurll pops up and hits a super kick. Andrews hits a bulldog then tries the Slumdog Millionaire but Scurll puts him in the chicken wing. Andrews is despreately trying to reach the ropes as Scurll does everything he can to stop him but Andrews eventually makes it over. Scurll starts slapping and chopping Andrews while mixing in some taunts and trash-talk. Andrews then sidesteps a charge and flies outside with a tope con hilo then proceeds to hit it two more times. Back inside, Andrews misses a shooting star press. He escapes from a tombstone but Scurll hits a second attempt and gets two. Scurll uses the finger breaker again then tries for the chicken wing. Andrews fights out but gets hit with a few knee smashes in the face then Scurll puts on the hold as Andrews taps out (23:40) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match. These two really have some great chemistry together. I’m a huge fan of Scurll, who besides being able to wrestle quite well always keeps things entertaining and can engage a crowd with the best of them among today’s Independent wrestlers. Andrews did a good job at selling here as well and remains a promising young talent.


Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee

Before the match, Lee offers Everett a hand shake because they are both TNA superstars as they celebrate that while the crowd chants “fuck TNA.” Lee then attacks Everett from behind and beats him in the corner. He tries to toss Everett, who cartwheels out then uses his speed to frustrate Lee. Everett hits a standing shooting star press then takes Lee outside with a dropkick where he flies out with a tope. Everett heads back in only to fly out with a tope con hilo. Everett tries to spring up top but Lee yanks the ropes as Everett falls outside. Lee hits a soccer kick from the apron then takes a breather on the mat. Everett heads back in and gets tossed around as Lee taunts everyone. Lee hits a dropkick for two as the crowd chants “Dixie’s fuck boy” at Lee, who is not too pleased. They work a reversal sequence until Lee clotheslines Everett then hits him with a German suplex for two. Lee continues to taunt the fans but runs into an elbow smash and a kick before hitting a slingshot DDT as both men are down. Everett gets up and lands a few kicks as Lee rolls outside. Everett nearly falls off the top rope then flies out with a corkscrew plancha. Everett springboards inside to hit Lee with a leg lariat as that gets two. Everett climbs back up top and rolls through a moonsault. He hits Lee with a super kick from the apron then goes back up where he hits a shooting star press for two as he actually got up so high that he hit the light fixture. Lee avoids a springboard move then comes back with the Mushroom Stomp that looked brutal as that nearly put Everett away. Everett surprises Lee with a small package then hits a Pele Kick before they fight up top. Everett then takes Lee off with a hurricarana as Lee rolls through and lands on his feet, appearing dazed, as Everett then spikes him with another rana as that almost gets the win. The crowd starts a “holy shit” chant as Everett cannot believe Lee kicked out. Everett heads back up top then flips off the light fixture before hitting the 630 splash but Lee was able to get his foot on the ropes. Everett then tries a springboard move but gets caught as Lee hits the small package driver for the win (15:18) ***3/4.

Thoughts: The crowd was not into this as much as you would think but these Carolina guys had a very good match. I love watching Lee wrestle in PWG and think his heel act here is pretty great, actually. Everett is a spectacular high flyer and did some crazy stuff in the match.


Jeff Cobb vs. Chris Hero

This is Cobb’s PWG debut. For those unaware, he currently wrestles as Matanza in Lucha Underground. The crowd is into both guys as they start off slow. Hero knocks Cobb in the head with an elbow then charges and runs into a dropkick. Cobb tosses Hero then starts suplexing him all over the place as the crowd is going mental. Hero catches Cobb with a chop but ends up getting suplexed again. Hero catches Cobb with a boot then hits him with a bunch of elbow smashes on the outside. Back in the ring, Hero hits Cobb with more elbows in the corner. He then gets two off of a senton then hits starts lighting up Cobb with more strikes. Cobb blocks a piledriver then does the same on a sunset flip as that gets two. Hero tries to knock Cobb off of the apron as Cobb wants Hero to hit him harder. Hero pretended he was backing down and hit him with a knee strike in the face but gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex on a charge. Cobb follows with a back suplex then hits a standing moonsault and a shooting star press as that gets two. Hero boots Cobb in the face from the apron hits a knee smash to the face before getting a nearfall with a senton. Hero flips off someone in the crowd then slaps Cobb in the face a few times. Hero asks Cobb to hit him and he does but Hero sends Cobb back down with an elbow smash. Cobb starts fighting back but Hero breaks that up with a bicycle kick then hits a piledriver but Cobb gets right on his feet as Excalibur notes that he has no neck. Hero rolls through a powerslam and uses a small package for two before he hits an elbow smash for another nearfall. Hero hits a corkscrew senton then tries a moonsault but misses as Cobb gets up. Cobb hits a few different types of suplexes but is unable to put Hero away. He even hits the Tour of the Islands (Wrath of the Gods when he is Matanza) but Hero kicked out of that. Cobb misses a splash as Hero hits a short piledriver then almost puts him away with an elbow smash. Hero hits the Ripcord elbow then takes off his elbow pad and hits a rolling elbow to the back of Cobb’s head as that gets the win (19:42) ***3/4. After the match, the crowd chanted “please come back” at Cobb.

Thoughts: Oh man, these guys had a high impact match. Hero used his strikes and Cobb his power as these two hit each other with everything they had. Cobb, along with Kamaitachi, also really impressed in his PWG debut  and will both take part in the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament.


Before his scheduled match, Drew Galloway notes how Brian Cage is not here tonight, citing “personal reasons.” Galloway says he did not know that “shitting your pants” was a reason to not show up as he points out how PWG is not just a regular Indy promotion and that you cannot just no-show and come back later like nothing happened. Galloway then issues a challenge and wants to know who has the balls to fight twice tonight. Michael Elgin then comes out as the crowd chants “Big Mike” as Galloway asks him if he is Big Mike or a “big fucking pussy” as Elgin charges the ring.


Drew Galloway vs. Michael Elgin

These two brawl to start. Elgin catches Galloway in midair for a slam then follows him outside as they fight in the crowd. Elgin chops a seated Galloway then press slams him on to the apron. They go back-and-forth inside until Galloway uses a Dragon Screw as he works over the leg, which was targeted in Elgin’s match against Kamaitachi. Galloway continues to work the leg until catches him and hits an Exploder as both men are down. Neither man can gain the advantage then Elgin hits a pair of German suplexes before almost getting the win with a tiger suplex. Galloway comes back with a neckbreaker after blocking a move by grabbing the ropes. Elgin tries to fight back but Galloway takes his legs out with a low dropkick. Elgin gets up and overpowers Galloway until he gets hit with the Air Raid Crash as that gets two as both men are down. They fight on the apron where Elgin dumps Galloway back inside but gets hit with a DDT when he enters. Galloway places Elgin up top but Elgin takes him off with a Death Valley Driver as that gets two. Clothesline gets two. They fight over a backslide then Galloway flips over and hits the Future Shock for the win (17:49) ***.

Thoughts: Good match, although it did run a bit long and there was virtually no crowd heat for this. With the heat and humidity almost overwhelming at this point, you could see it take its toll on these guys, especially Elgin who was wrestling his second match of the night.


Roderick Strong is in the ring. He calls out Zack Sabre Jr. for sitting at home with a scratch on his arm because he is afraid to see him again. The crowd taps “you chant out” as Strong yells at the crowd, calling himself the greatest champion in PWG history.


Roderick Strong vs. Sami Callihan

Strong cheap shots Callihan with a kick then hammers away. Strong misses a charge as Callihan kicks him out to the floor. The ref stands in Callihan’s way as he attempted a dive so he tosses him to the floor before taking Strong down with a tope. Callihan roughs up Strong, who uses the ref as a shield, but Callihan picks up the ref and uses him as a weapon. Callihan then runs around the ring before hitting Strong with a cannonball but misses a second atttempt and lands on a pile of chairs. Strong dumps Callihan on the apron then taunts the crowd as he heads into the ring. Strong beats on Callihan, who comes back to yell “fuck you” at String while flipping him off. He then spits at Strong, who stomps him before applying a Camel Clutch. Callihan escapes from a suplex and hits a backdrop then follows with a bicycle knee smash in the corner. He hits Strong with a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Strong drops down to break up a powerbomb attempt as he places Callihan up top and hits a few chops. Strong tries for a superplex but Callihan fights back then slips off to kick Strong off. Callihan gets two with a sitout powerbomb then puts on the stretch muffler but Strong was able to escape. They get up slowly and trade strikes until Callihan sends Strong down with a forearm smash before collapsing. Callihan yells at Strong to hit him then they chop each other until Strong pancakes him for a nearfall. Strong then hits a superplex and floats over to try the End of Heartache but Callihan blocks that and uses the Stretch Muffler as that triggers a submission reversal sequence. Both men again are slow to get up as Strong ducks a clothesline and they end up on the apron. Strong drops Callihan with a back suplex and rolls him inside but is only able to get a two count. Callihan reverses a piedriver mid-move with a rana then hits a bicycle kick before hitting a Tiger Driver but Adam Cole comes out and pulls out the referee at the last second, as the announcers point out how Cole hesitated before doing that. Callihan flies outside to take out Cole then heads in as Strong hits a Gibson Driver but Castle comes out to stop the count. Strong takes him down with a baseball slide then Cole grabs Callihan by the leg as that allows Strong to hit a flying knee smash before putting him away with the End of Heartache (22:20) ***1/2. After the match, Cole beats down Callihan until Castle takes him out after doing the same to Strong. Castle then offers Callihan a handshake, who responds by giving him a kiss.

Thoughts: I liked the match and thought both guys did great but the ending was lame. The kinda teased some more conflict between Cole and Strong on commentary but it did not come across that way live. With the news that Strong is going to be leaving PWG soon, I wonder if they will rush an angle to get a Cole vs. Strong match. Or maybe a tag match as they team against Castle & Callihan at a future show.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a really good showing by PWG. Not a bad match on the card and considering the circumstances (no Sabre Jr, Cage cancelling last minute and some talents in Japan for the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament) the performers here tonight went above and beyond to put on a show for the fans. With PWG Thirteen later this month then BOLA in September, I’m really excited to see what PWG does going forward.


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